As COVID-19 continues to affect everyone in one way or another, it is important to adjust to you and your family’s needs as time goes on. Your routine may getting back to how it was pre-pandemic, or you may find it becoming increasingly more difficult. Wherever your headspace is at, it’s always an opportune time to make the most of your day with our insightful tips for coping with pandemic challenges and carving out time for an annual hearing test.

Getting up-to-date with doctors visits:

If you missed your annual teeth cleaning, physical exam, or hearing test in 2020, be sure to prioritize your health this year. Although it may seem like you have forever to go until we reach 2022, it is likely to creep up on you faster than you expect. Go ahead and at least schedule your hearing test.

Chances are, all of your doctor’s offices are booked up through the month anyways. Plan ahead to save yourself the headache. Schedule just one annual visit a month and you will surely be caught up visiting all of your providers by the new year.

Speaking of making the most of your time, jump back to last week’s blog to find out helpful tips to make life easier while working from home during this pandemic. We discussed how important it is to be adaptable with kid’s wants and needs. Children usually thrive with structure and schedules, but it may take a while to get used to the new swing of things.

Finding a rhythm is quite the feat, but once you find what works for each person in your family, you will get the most out of your day. This will also allow for children to learn how to be more included and responsible for household tasks. Delegate and teach them how to do chores or tasks to ease the load off of your shoulders.

Productivity for more free time:

In most cases, productivity will not look the same as it once did in an office setting. Similarly to having a newborn baby, pick one large task per day to minimize anxiousness. Consider this an accomplishment.

When you have a bit of free time, get the most out of it. Do what you can in the moment, and try to be in the moment when a child or partner wants quality time with you. Celebrate when you accomplish task, and aim to reduce flack you give yourself when you cannot complete a task.

Focus on tasks to get done and not so much on the time it takes you to complete them. Working eight hours a day in your home office becomes irrelevant if you weren’t productive during some of that time. Some parents find it helpful to get up before their kids or partners.

Instead of waiting for everyone to wake up, get up before everyone else wakes up and still asleep. The house is likely extremely quiet and can allow for more tasks to be accomplished.

Mental health check:

If you are feeling a little down or hopeless, reach out to a doctor to speak to a professional about the issue. You deserve happiness, and everyone requires help at some point in their life.

Parents and guardians cannot allow their own needs to be pushed aside. When everyone in the house feels they accomplished a good day’s work, they can connect during family dinner or a relaxing movie night. Children need to have bonding time with parents one-one-one as well.

Older children tend to be more fluid with schedules. Bring your teen along while you go to doctor’s appointment. They can wait in the car and have quality time with you afterwards.

There is plenty to do outdoors in Orlando and surrounding cities. Many options are great for social distancing. However, with beautiful Spring weather comes terrible allergy symptoms.

With pollen counts reaching their highest, be mindful of how you are feeling. COVID-19 symptoms and seasonal allergy symptoms can be rather identical. If you suffer from congestion, a runny nose, or headaches, it may be safe to go ahead and get tested for COVID-19.

Annual hearing test:

We hope this information helps you find a routine for you and your family! Come back next time as we share more information for our patients to implement. Do not forget to schedule your annual hearing test.

If your ears and nose have been hurting lately from allergies and you have had a negative COVID-19 test, schedule an appointment for a physical examination. With everything coming in bloom, you may need a prescription allergy medication or other treatment.

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