Evaluation of snoring and sleep apnea at Orlando ENT Associates

Sleep apnea is a condition in which breathing stops and starts during sleep hours. This condition brings on a range of other problems, including fatigue, increased blood pressure, along with an increased risk of heart attack, stroke, and atrial fibrillation. 

Advanced sleep apnea treatments

Our specialists at Orlando ENT Associates, offer several treatments for sleep apnea, including:

Inspire implant

This implant is far more comfortable than CPAP breathing devices. This implanted device is controlled by the push of a button. When it is time to get a good night’s rest, simply push the button and the implant activates. It is implanted beneath the skin of the chest and neck through two tiny incisions, with minimal scarring. If you are struggling with sleep apnea and a CPAP machine is not working for you, find out more about this advanced treatment.

Sleep apnea surgery

For many people, a surgical procedure can resolve sleep apnea. The surgery can be performed to resolve a deviated septum to achieve healthy breathing, both day and night. Innovative surgical devices can be surgically implanted to assist in resolving sleep apnea, based on the unique condition of the patient. At Orlando ENT Specialists, we perform several sleep apnea treatments, including:

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Radiofrequency Volumetric Tissue Reduction

Some patients are unable to tolerate a CPAP breathing device. The tissues at the back of the throat can be reduced in volume with RF, opening the airways to resolve snoring and treat sleep apnea.

Turbinate reduction surgery

The turbinates (a small nose structure that cleans and humidifies the air as it passes through the nostrils) may need to be reduced in size with a specialized surgery. The reduction can open the airways and resolve restricted breathing, snoring, and sleep apnea.


The septum is the cartilage structure separating the nostrils. When this cartilage is bent or curved due to trauma or naturally occurring, it can be straightened surgically. A septoplasty straightens the structure so both nostrils are functioning correctly.

Sleep apnea surgery the benefits

Sleep apnea is a very unpleasant and unhealthy condition. Thankfully, several options are available to resolve it. Sleep apnea surgery could bring you relief, and in most cases, can resolve sleep apnea and heavy snoring, with no need to use a CPAP device. 


This is a surgical approach to treatment for sleep apnea. The airways are opened and stabilized with sutures, to keep the airways open during sleep. The device is placed through an incision under the jaw. It does not involve any removal of bone, has a minimal recovery time, and provides immediate relief.


A CPAP machine is the most common sleep apnea treatment. CPAP stands for “continuous positive airway pressure.” The machine keeps your airways open by maintaining positive pressure by blowing air in a steady stream to your airways. Many people rely on these machines, while others find it a struggle to deal with the mask, hose, and the sound of the device. At Orlando ENT Associates, we can prescribe and monitor a CPAP device, and help you maintain the device for the best results.

Sleep study

To evaluate your condition, a sleep study can be performed, in which the patient wears a monitoring device. The sleep study will reveal whether the excessive snoring is a symptom of sleep apnea. At Orlando ENT Associates, we can evaluate the underlying cause of sleep apnea or excessive snoring and create a customized treatment plan to help you live a happier, more energetic, healthier life.

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Why choose Orlando ENT Specialists for sleep apnea or heavy snoring?

Heavy snoring and sleep apnea are not minor physical problems. The lack of healthy, restful sleep impacts every area of life. At Orlando ENT Specialists, you can be confident that you are under the care of specialists who are among the best in the Orlando area, and who stay at the leading edge in treating these conditions. Beyond the professional skills of our specialists and support staff, we are compassionate, respectful, and dedicated to personalized care at every step of the journey.

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