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Our hearing consultants are here to help you identify the most complete hearing solution, from early stage to profound hearing loss, we are committed to being your lifelong guide to navigate the hearing loss treatment option that’s best for you. Beginning with a hearing evaluation, together we will explore the most innovative hearing solutions making it easier and more comfortable than ever to find your ideal plan. We’re here to help you gain confidence and get back the life you remember.

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“I feel that they really care for their patients.”

“At the age of four I was diagnosed with hearing loss. I've never really considered myself part of the deaf community and I think a lot of that has to do with this practice. I feel that they really care for their patients. I’ve been there for 20 something years. They’ve been a really important part of my life, my doctor has been a really important part of my life. I definitely, definitely recommend Orlando ENT.”

Your Hearing Aid Choices

From entry-level to premium, based on your listening and lifestyle needs.

Premium Medical Grade Hearing Aids

For patients that demand premium performance in ever-changing environments our premium medical grade hearing aids provide both excellence in sound quality and discretion, while being extremely discreet, making them difficult to notice. At the same time, they represent the latest in integrated technology to enhance the hearing ability, achieving the highest sound quality available.

  • Enjoy conversations and feel comfortable in large social functions.
  • Enjoy outdoor activities with less concern for wind noise
  • Brilliant sound experience, fine tuning to your specific listening needs
  • Most advanced streaming and rechargeable solution
  • Achieve the highest possible sound quality

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Basic Entry-Level Hearing Aids

Appropriate to fit moderate to quiet listening situations, entry-level and over-the-counter hearing aids represent the latest in integrated technology. While they are a more affordable hearing aid option, they are highly effective and achieve good sound quality. Entry-level hearing aids are versatile, making them a good option for a wide range of patients. They include a variety of choices to fit your unique needs.

  • Enjoy everyday sounds
  • Hear television clearly and feel at ease in casual conversation
  • Feel comfortable shopping or in public places
  • Enjoy most outdoor activities

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Quiet Casual Social Active

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The majority of your daily interactions are with a single person, rather than large groups with heavy background noise. You enjoy quiet conversations, infrequent shopping, watching TV, seeing movies, and talking on the phone.

Essential Tiered hearing aids:

  • Amplify the sounds of direct conversation, while noisier backgrounds may still be challenging 
  • Manual adjustment may be required for different types of environments 
  • Still requires the use of your listening effort for most listening environments
  • Convenient rechargeability for a full day of hearing


You are occasionally in environments with heavier background noise such as seeing friends or working in an office.  You participate in meetings, small group conversations, intimate restaurant settings, and listen to lectures/sermons from a distance.

Standard Tiered hearing aids:

  • Allows you to hear more clearly in varied environments
  • Transitions between noise environments with occasional manual adjustment 
  • Still requires the use of your listening effort for some listening environments
  • Convenient rechargeability for a full day of hearing


You have an active lifestyle that places you in a variety of environments throughout the day. This could include attending large group gatherings regularly, frequently eating out at restaurants, attending meetings and celebrations.

Advanced Tiered hearing aids:

  • Help you hear and understand the sounds around you more clearly in most environments
  • Automatically adjust to your surroundings as you transition between multiple environments.
  • Since the device is processing more of the environmental sounds, less listening effort is required giving YOU back more energy
  • Convenient rechargeability for a full day of hearing


You lead a dynamic lifestyle with frequent trips and travel, a busy social life, and have a work environment that requires many meetings or conferences.  You may also frequent sporting events and concerts along with other listening environments with higher levels of background noise.

Premium tiered hearing aids:

  • Amplify and deliver sound in a way that mimics the most natural listening process
  • Provides optimal customizable settings that are unique to your specific hearing needs
  • Automatic environmental detection to ensure effortless hearing in all situations

Hearing Aid Styles

Receiver in Canal (RIC)

RIC (receiver in the canal) styles discreetly sit behind the ear and are considered to be more comfortable than other designs. The open design allows for a more natural sound quality.

Related Conditions:

  • Fits a range of hearing losses
  • Connects to your smartphone and other devices
  • Available with rechargeability and Bluetooth connectivity

Behind the Ear (BTE)

As the name suggests, BTE hearing aids sit behind the ear and are slightly larger in size than a RIC hearing aid. BTE hearing aids are connected to an earmold which delivers the sound to the ear canal.

Related Conditions:

  • These durable devices are typically fit to those patients with severe to profound hearing loss
  • They are a good option for those people with limited dexterity
  • Available with rechargeability and Bluetooth connectivity

In the Ear (ITE) or In the Canal (ITC)

Generally speaking, the ITE varieties are most suitable in cases of mild to moderate hearing loss. The size of the device is dependent upon the patient’s ear canal. The variations in size in these devices are accompanied by variations in features such as a directional microphone, manual controls, etc.

Related Conditions:

  • A good choice for those who may have trouble fitting a BTE/RIC style hearing aid
  • Patients with near normal low frequency hearing may experience a “plugged up” feeling known as occlusion
  • Some models may connect to your smartphone for technology integration

Completely in canal (CIC) / Invisible in the canal (IIC)

These hearing aids are placed inside the ear canal, making them the most well-concealed option. Often flesh-toned, these hearing aids blend well with the ear, making them an option for those looking for the most discreet hearing solution.

Related Conditions:

  • Almost invisible to those around you
  • Requires batteries that are changed frequently
  • This style compromises technology integration because of the small design

Explore Your Options

Whether you’re an experienced user or are interested in learning more about hearing aids for the first time, we’ll guide you to the product that’s ideal for you and your needs.

First-Time Users

Exploring hearing aids for the very first time can be a somewhat daunting experience. Our team has the knowledge and understanding to work closely with you and help you explore the various options that are available to you. We realize that your needs are unique, and we’ll do our best to find the product that suits you best.

Experienced Users

Have you already found a hearing aid that works for you? Are you perhaps in the market for an upgraded experience? Our team is here to help! We’ll get to know your likes and dislikes, and can recommend a number of products that will not only preserve your experience but enhance it in exciting ways.

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Bringing You the Latest Technology

Hearing aids of old worked on a “blanket” principle, boosting hearing by simply amplifying any and all sounds that could be heard in your surroundings. The result was often a muddy, overly loud auditory experience that prevented users from truly zeroing in on the information that was most important to them and their experience. These days, advanced technology gives you the ability to truly separate the signal from the noise, filtering your auditory surroundings so that you can pay attention to what’s important.

Integrative Technology

Bluetooth technology now lets you enjoy your favorite music and entertainment—including TV shows, movies, and more—piped directly into your hearing aid.

On-the-Go Charging

Never run out of battery again, thanks to portable charging cases that will keep your hearing aids ready to go, in just about any scenario.

Multi-Directional Microphone Hearing

Multi-directional microphones are a hallmark of modern hearing aids, and help you enjoy a more natural listening experience.

Discreet Options

Nobody needs to know that you’re wearing a hearing aid, thanks to the low-profile design offered by modern hearing aid technology.

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Who Can Benefit from Hearing Aids?

If you’re struggling with hearing loss—no matter how old or young you may be—a hearing aid might very well be right for you. These products can benefit those with slight hearing loss and severe impairment in equal measure, helping you by restoring your situational awareness, and your quality of life right along with.

Benefits of Hearing Aids

Hearing aids can help you better understand the conversations of those you care about with more clarity. Hearing aids can be almost invisible at first glance, and with today’s technology, they aren’t bulky or cumbersome. You’ll be able to enjoy all of your regular activities while wearing your hearing aids and even enjoy them more.

Hearing aid manufacturers and brands we carry

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We’re Here to Help You Hear Clearly

We understand that hearing is a complicated issue, and that addressing hearing loss requires a specialized touch that approaches every patient as an individual. We’ll work with you to explore the different products and options that are available to you, utilizing our knowledge of your lifestyle and goals to recommend the hearing aid that will most effectively restore your full quality of life.

Our team will work closely with you to ensure that you’re enjoying the proper hearing you deserve, setting follow-up appointments to track your progress and ensure that your products are working as intended. When you’re ready to get started on the road to clear hearing, simply reach out and set up your consultation with a helpful member of our team.

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About Orlando ENT

At Orlando ENT Associates, we have made it our goal to provide our patients with:

Patient-Centered Care

Our providers ensure that each patient receives the time and personalized attention they deserve.

Continuity of Care

We believe that long-term relief is the best possible patient outcome, and we always strive to achieve this.

A Network of Highly Trained Physicians

With a team board-certified physicians, our staff is prepared to address patients with any ENT concern.

The Security of a Community Staple

We have been helping many patients improve their health, so you can rest assured that you’re in excellent hands.

Hearing aids dispensing

At Orlando ENT Hearing Center, our hearing aid specialists are authorized to measure, fit, and sell hearing aids. Hearing aid dispensers are subject to state rules under the Florida Administrative Code.

Our board-certified audiologists will custom-fit and program the hearing aids that you have selected and will teach you all the details of caring for them, placing and removing them, cleaning them, and charging them. This part of your appointment is never rushed and may take some time to complete. Many patients choose to be accompanied by a family member or friend. At Orlando ENT Hearing Center, we will personally teach you about your hearing device, and provide you with written instructions you can refer to over time.

Hearing aids programming & maintenance

Your hearing aids must be custom programmed to suit your unique condition. Our audiologists will work closely with you to program the device, so it produces the best hearing improvement for you. We provide hearing aid maintenance to keep the devices functioning at peak performance.

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Hearing Aid FAQs

Is there a trial period for my hearing aid purchase?

All patients of Orlando ENT Hearing Center receive a 30-day trial period when they purchase new hearing aids. This allows time to adjust to the fit and amplification. During the trial period, we ask patients to visit us at least three times so we can make any adjustments. After that, we recommend regular follow-up visits at six month intervals. You may also schedule an appointment at any time you have a question or concern.

Should I have periodic checkups?

As with all health related issues, you should visit your audiologist regularly. We recommend a 6 month schedule to be sure your hearing aids are working as intended. Also, earwax can accumulate more quickly when you wear hearing aids, and regular visits allow us to remove it. Orlando ENT Hearing Center recommends having a complete hearing evaluation annually.

How do I care for my hearing aid?

Like any electronic/mechanical equipment, maintenance and careful handling will help your hearing aids last longer. Our team at Orlando ENT Hearing Center suggest the following:

  • Clean your hearing aids every day. Use the provided brush and lint free cloth to clean your hearing aids.
  • Keep your hearing aids dry. don’t leave them in humid places, and don’t wear them when you take a shower or go swimming.
  • Change your batteries regularly.
  • Change your earwax filter regularly.

Handle your hearing aid carefully. If you have any problems with your hearing aids, we are available to assist you.

Why do I need two hearing aids?

Using two hearing aids is preferred in most situations. The benefits include:

  • Binaural Loudness Summation: Using two hearing aids give the ability to hear from both ears louder than you would if you only heard through one ear. This means you can turn the volume down and still hear as clearly because both ears are working together.
  • Binaural Deprivation: This means that the ear that isn’t wearing a hearing aid might actually lose more hearing and ability to understand of speech because it is not being used.
  • Localization: This is the ability to tell where sound is coming from. It is increased with the use of two hearing aids.

With 3 convenient locations across the Orlando area, we’re never far away.

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