At Orlando Ear, Nose and Throat Associates, our team of medical professionals has served patients throughout the Orlando region for almost three decades. We are honored to be among the most trusted ENT practices in the region.

What we do

At our private practice in Orlando, we offer personalized, individual care for a range of ear, nose, and throat conditions and diseases, including:

  • Ear: Hearing loss, tinnitus, sudden hearing loss, hearing aids, ear infections, earwax, ear structure corrections, ear tubes, and other hearing-related issues can all be diagnosed and treated by our team of specialists.
  • Allergies: We diagnose and treat allergies, including seasonal allergies, pet allergies, and other types of allergic reactions to help keep our patients healthy and breathing freely.
  • Sinus: Our team of specialists treats a range of sinus illnesses and conditions, including chronic sinusitis and polyps, sinus infections, deviated septum, nasal fractures, chronic nosebleeds, rhinitis, benign nose tumors, nasal fractures, and others.
  • Head and neck: As ear, nose, and throat specialists, our medical team has the experience and skills to treat and correct a range of head and neck conditions and illnesses, including hoarse speech, tonsil infections, head and neck surgeries, chronic or acute sore throat, head and neck surgery for cancer including oral cancer, mouth sores, skin cancers, and many other conditions.
  • Voice and swallowing: Chronic voice or swallowing problems such as dysphagia (difficulty swallowing), gastric reflux disease, hoarseness, vocal cord lesions, vocal cord paralysis, and others can be diagnosed and treated by our specialists.
  • Sleep: Sleep disorders and chronic snoring are often the results of breathing issues. To treat these conditions, your breathing airways are evaluated, and a custom treatment plan is developed to restore healthy breathing. Sleep apnea can often be fully resolved, with no need to use a breathing device.
  • Facial plastics: Our team of ear, nose, and throat specialists can perform a range of plastic surgery procedures, including head and neck reconstruction after cancer treatments, cleft palate surgery, drooping eyelids, ear reconstruction and other surgeries for the ears, face, and neck.
  • ENT conditions: Our specialists treat issues such as dizziness, swallowing and voice problems, hearing loss, ear infections, cholesteatoma (cyst at eardrum that invades middle ear and mastoid), smell and taste disorders, sinusitis, deviated nasal septum, and many other conditions and illnesses affected the ear, nose, or throat.
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Orlando ENT Associates – personalized service and care.

Our entire team at Orlando ENT Associates is dedicated to delivering a superior level of personalized care and service to our patients, from the youngsters to the elderly. We are equipped with next-generation diagnostic testing equipment and treatment options. We invite you to discover an ENT practice where you will be treated with respect, warmth, and compassion at every step of your journey to improved health. 

With 3 convenient locations across the Orlando area, we’re never far away.

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