Our team of ear, nose, and throat specialists provides the highest quality medical and surgical care for a wide range of conditions, symptoms, and illnesses. We provide advanced diagnostics and treatments to patients of all ages, from babies to the elderly, and administer our services with unparalleled compassion and individualized care.

Our scope of practice

An ENT, or “otolaryngologist,” is a specialist that has spent years in training and has vast experience in diagnosing and treating illnesses and conditions affecting the head and neck. To achieve certification in this specialty, the doctor must have a medical degree, followed by five years residency to gain the knowledge and experience in the discipline, and certification involves a rigorous examination. 

At Orlando ENT Associates, we are proud to be among the most trusted ENT specialists in the area, having provided services to the region for almost three decades. Our scope of practice includes diagnosing and treating the following:


Loss of hearing can occur over time as an age-related condition, or can occur suddenly, in one or both ears. The symptoms often go beyond loss of hearing, and may cause balance problems, vertigo, or dizziness. We diagnose and treat hearing issues of all types, and deliver 100 percent customized hearing aid testing, and other hearing treatments including cochlear implants. 


Our ENTs can diagnose and treat chronic and acute allergic reactions, including identifying the triggering allergen with skin or blood tests, and treating allergies with medications, immunotherapy, or emergency epinephrine. 

Nose and sinus conditions

Our specialists treat a range of sinus conditions, including acute sinusitis, chronic sinusitis, allergic rhinitis (allergy related inflammation of the membranes lining the nose), nasal polyps, nasal infections, deviated septum, nose surgeries, and other illnesses and conditions affecting the sinuses. We use the most advanced treatments available, including balloon sinuplasty.

Head and neck conditions

Our team of specialists has the experience and skill to correct a wide range of illnesses and conditions affecting the head and neck. Whether you suffer from hoarse speech, a tonsil infection, require head and neck surgery, recurring sore throat, oral cancer, skin cancer, or require surgical reconstruction, these are just a few of the surgical and non-surgical treatments we deliver at our practice.

Voice and swallowing problems

Patients come to Orlando ENT Specialists to treat voice or swallowing conditions such as dysphagia, gastric reflux disease, constant hoarseness, vocal cord lesions, vocal cord paralysis, and other voice and swallowing conditions.

Sleep and breathing issues, sleep apnea, snoring

When breathing is obstructed due to a deviated septum or other nose or throat problem, the condition could be resolved with a minor surgery to restore clear breathing passages to treat chronic snoring or sleep apnea, with no need for a breathing device.

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Facial plastic surgery

Our otolaryngologists, head and neck specialists, have the experience and skill to perform a range of facial plastic surgery procedures. We are often called upon to perform reconstructive surgeries after cancer treatment, repair a cleft palate, address drooping eyelids, or perform ear surgery to correct cosmetic or functional problems.

ENT conditions ear, nose, and throat conditions

Our specialists can treat a wide range of illnesses and conditions affecting the head and neck, either surgically or non-surgically. These include voice disorders, chronic sore throats, sinusitis, vocal cord dysfunction, lesions, or paralysis, swallowing problems, hearing issues, dizziness, balance, ear infections, skin cancers and reconstructive surgeries and more. Contact the office that is most convenient for you or visit our patient portal.

Otology – ear conditions and illnesses

Otology is a branch of medicine that studies the anatomy and physiology of the ear. Our doctors are skilled in diagnosing and treating ear diseases and conditions. Otologic surgery in general refers to surgical procedures performed on the middle ear.

  • Identify the underlying mechanisms of Meniere’s disease
  • Identify the causes of tinnitus and develop treatment methods
  • Define the development and progression of otitis media – infection of the middle ear
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Rhinology and sinus surgery

Rhinology and sinus surgery is a specialty specifically to diagnose and treat nasal and sinus problems. Common problems we treat are allergies, nasal obstruction, and sinusitis. Less common conditions, such as tumors of the sinuses or anterior skull base, can also be treated with minimally invasive techniques. We perform balloon sinuplasty procedures in our office for the treatment of chronic sinusitis.


Laryngology is a specialty within otolaryngology (ear, nose, and throat) that deals with the illness and injury of the larynx, or “voice box.” The voice box is positioned in the front of the neck and contains the vocal cords. The larynx is responsible for the production of sound and the function of swallowing. It is also the entrance to the windpipe, so it plays a critical role in the airway.

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