When should you schedule an appointment with an Ears, Nose and Throat specialist in Orlando or Oviedo? There are quite a few signs and symptoms to be aware of. Here are five important reasons to contact Orlando Ears, Nose & Throat.

Hearing Loss

Have you noticed a change in your hearing? Losing track of a conversation in a loud or noisy environment, or having to turn up the television up more than normal? It may be an issue with your hearing.

Hearing loss can be permanent or temporary. Permanent hearing loss should be diagnosed by an ear, nose, and throat doctor to get to the root of the problem. Temporary hearing loss, means there are certain times you cannot hear as well as others. This can happen for several reasons, environmental factors or health conditions.

An ENT doctor will perform procedures and tests to determine the degree of hearing loss and decide the right plan of treatment.

Sinus Pain

Sinus pain can make your day miserable. The pain can be felt in your nose, forehead, your teeth, ears, and face. Since your sinuses take up a big part of your head, the pain can be excruciating.

While an illness, flu, or cold can cause this, if the pain is recurring or has gone on for a few days, it could be a sign your sinuses are swollen or inflamed. It may be time to visit Orlando ENT for a diagnosis and treatment to resolve the problem.

Nasal Congestion

Do you experience a stuffy or blocked nose regularly? Then it should be checked out by a specialist.

Persistent nasal congestion can be an indication of a more serious problem. There are many reasons to have a blocked nose, airborne allergies, infection, or deviated septum, to name a few.


Ringing in the ears is referred to as tinnitus. It is a condition where you can hear sounds or noises, when there isn’t an external source. If you notice these issues becoming more frequent or growing worse, it is time to see an ENT. There are several therapies or treatments to help the condition.

Tinnitus can be serious enough to have a negative impact on your life. Some patients describe is as a humming sound, buzzing, ringing, or a whooshing noise.

Chronic Sore Throat

Illnesses such as the common cold, flu, tonsillitis are usually associated with a sore throat. If the pain of a sore throat lingers when other symptoms clear up, it may be chronic.

Antibiotics or over the counter medications typically take care of the pain, but if not it is time to make an appointment with Orlando ENT to discuss treatment options.

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