The pain and pressure of a sinus headache is only compounded when you keep having them over and over again. When your sinus problems become so bad that they hold you back or diminish your quality of life, then it’s time to see an Ears, Nose & Throat doctor. Not only can they determine the underlying cause, they can provide lasting treatment and relief from your sinus headaches. 

What is a sinus headache?

The pain can be dull or throbbing, in front of your face, in your cheeks, and around your eyes. Typically caused by inflammation, sinus headaches can be mistaken for a migraine. Other symptoms include:

Stuffy and runny nose

Green or yellow discharge from the nose

Low grade fever and fatigue 

Pain in the teeth or upper jaw

Mucus dripping down the back of the throat

Pain and pressure in the sinuses 

Many people complain their headache is worse in the morning and gradually get better as the day goes on. This happens because mucus fills the sinuses when you lay down. A hot shower can help promote drainage by thinning the mucus and subsiding your headache.

Causes of Sinus headaches 

Our sinuses are those hollow spaces in  the lower forehead, behind the cheekbones, under the eyes and around the nose. Small narrow tubes connect them all to the nose. In the perfect world, mucus drains effortlessly and air flows in and out with ease. 

Pollen, allergies, bacteria, deviated septum, nasal polyps, enlarged turbinates, and even stress can cause you sinuses to become irritated, swollen, and unable to properly drain. This swelling makes it easy for bacteria to accumulate in the sinuses and cause an infection or rhinosinusitis. 

Fewer sinus headaches and infections

Sinus headaches and chronic sinus infections can be debilitating. They can last a couple of days to months. Facial pain with either a nose that won’t stop running or congestion you can’t seem to unblock, impacting every part of your life.

If your symptoms linger for more than a week or over the counter medication aren’t receiving the pain or congestion, it is time to make an appointment with Orlando Ears, Nose and Throat.


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