Last time you stopped by to learn about balance disorders, you got a thorough background of how balance may be affected. Today, we are sharing the causes of balance issues and how Orlando ENT doctors can treat them. Read further for more hearing and balance news, and be sure to call our Orlando ENT Hearing Center if you or a loved one has been living with hearing loss or balance issues.

The necessity of balance:

Balance and hearing are two of the most important functions of the body. Without balance, we cannot rely on our hearing to help protect us from harm. When people have hearing loss, they cannot rely on sound either.

Sometimes, Americans endure both, and they do not need to. There are treatments and specialists here in Central Florida that are far more knowledgable of these issues than one may think. First, read about balance issues in our last blog if you did not yet get a chance to do so.

Now, let’s talk about why some people are experiencing balance issues. The first possibility you and your pharmacist may rule out would be prescription drugs. There are some drugs that may cause balance or hearing issues.

Go one by one through the list of medications you are taking and take not of any that have this side effect. For those that do not take any prescriptions, think about any trauma you may have experienced. Viral or bacterial infections in the ear may cause a balance disorder.

Disorders causing hearing loss and balance issues:

Blood circulation disorders are not commonly discussed but they may be to blame. These disorders may affect the inner ear and the brain. This surely, will put a damper in hearing and balance potential.

A head injury is, of course, a more obvious cause of balance issues. As we get older, much of the body’s performance is expected to run sub par. However, some of these issues may be fixed and treated at Orlando ENT Hearing Center.

Do not write off your issues just yet. When there is life to live, there is a reason to find an answer to your hearing and balance issues. In past blogs, we have discussed vertigo. Vertigo is a term thrown around pretty often.

Benign paroxysmal positional vertigo is a brief yet frightening, intense episode of vertigo. It is caused by a position change of the head. When looking for something low or high, the motion of the head may cause dizziness as if you are spinning.

This disorder is felt when the messages to the brain are not correctly sent and confuse the brain as to where the head is turning. BPPV can be caused by a head injury or as we grow in age.

Meniere’s disease treatment at Orlando Hearing Center:

This disease is rare and usually only affects one ear. This disorder of the inner ear can cause dizzy spells and hearing loss. It is no surprise that Orlando Ent Hearing Center diagnoses and treats this disorder.

It can start in young and middle-aged adulthood. However, it can occur at any age. This is considered a chronic condiment.

But with the help of Orlando ENT Hearing Center’s nurses and doctors, we can offer treatments to relieve symptoms or at least minimize the long-term impact on your life. Next week, we are diving deeper into this disorder and sharing about more disorders that can be treated with our help!

Be sure to sanitize and wash hands as often as possible while traveling, and minimize your travel if possible as the Coronavirus is spreading. We wish you all the best. Call us with any questions regarding ENT health.

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