A cholesteatoma is an abnormal growth in the middle ear, behind the ear drum. The most typical cause is repeated ear infections, poor eustachian tube function, or a tear behind the ear drum that causes skin to grow in the middle ear.

As the ear growth enlarges, pus may drain from the ear and there may be a feeling of fullness or discomfort in the ear. Dizziness and hearing loss are also signs.

A cyst that sheds layers of skin may cause build up in the middle ear and eventually cause damage to the surrounding tissue and tiny, fragile bones in the ear.

If damage does occur, surgery is typically required. If the cholesteatoma is let alone and continues to grow, permanent hearing loss, dizziness, and facial paralysis can occur.

As with any ear damage or discomfort, your OrlandoENT specialist should be consulted so he or she can examine and identify the cholesteatoma. Prior to resorting to surgery, your ear, nose, and throat doctor may prescribe ear drops or antibiotics and a careful cleaning regiment.

Cholesteatoma is serious but very treatable if identified by your ENT doctor. If you ever feel discomfort in your ear, are dizzy, or notice any fluid draining from your ears, it’s best to see an OrlandoENT doctor immediately. We’ll sort you out!

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