Whether its from a cold, allergies, or the flu, a cough that keeps you up at night is not only annoying, it can keep your body from resting and healing. Here are five ways you may be able to calm a nighttime cough and get some sleep:

  1. Have a warm drink: uncaffeinated tea or warm water with lemon can help to calm the throat and stop you from coughing.
  2. Use a humidifier. a humidifier services a similar purpose to drinking something warm, it helps to moisturize the throat. A cool-air humidifier adds moisture to the air without risk of being burned by steam. Make sure to clean the humidifier well if it hasn’t been used for a while to ensure there’s no mold or excess dust.
  3. Turk off the ceiling fan. moving air from a ceiling fan, air conditioner, or heater can dry out the throat and  induce coughing.
  4. Use a throat lozenge or spray. many throat lozenges and sprays having a numbing agent that can help to calm a cough long enough for you to fall asleep.
  5. Sleep propped up. elevating your lungs and airway by propping yourself up with a couple of pillows can help to calm a cough.

If these methods don’t help to calm your nighttime cough and it’s having serious effects on your work or life, consider making an appointment to see one of the friendly and knowledgable doctors at Orlando ENT, who can help to get your cough under control so you can rest easy again.


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