Summer vacation can be the best time of year for adults and children. With vacation and the constant on-the-go lifestyle it comes with, there may be many threats to your hearing. Stay aware of the threats by reading today’s blog thoroughly and visiting our office before and after vacation.

Dangers to your ears:

While visiting summer favorite spots such as the beach or pool, sunscreen is an absolute must. Melanoma is a life-threatening skin cancer that can cause to other parts of the body and even blood. Applying sunscreen every few hours is strongly advised by doctors.

Sunscreen should be applied all over the body. The shoulders, arms, and face should be lathered up hourly, especially when getting in and out of bodies of water. Hair and large sun hats can assist in blocking sensitive parts of the face from the sun’s rays. The ears are very susceptible to harmful sun rays.

Water causing infections:

However, it is important to be aware of the tips of your ears. This small part of your body usually basks in the suns but gets ignored in the usual sunscreen application process. Speak to our doctors about how to apply sunscreen near the ears.

Sunscreen should not go inside the ear canal. This can increase the likelihood of infection. See our physicians if you feel you have sunscreen or other residue in your ears after vacation.

Lotions and sunscreens aren’t the only threats to your ear’s health during a trip to the beach or pool. Swimmer’s ear is one of the most common issues for people taking a nice summer vacation trip. Water can become clogged up inside of the ear canal and can be very uncomfortable or irritating.

Call us if it does not drain naturally within a day or two. Swimmer’s ear is a result of a bacterial infection called acute otitis externa. Like most infections, it is not too serious at first, but if left untreated, it can negatively affect your hearing.

Lakes, rivers, hot tubs, and other bodies of water with higher bacteria count are more threatening to your ears. Once trapped in your ears, these types of waters cause painful skin infections. Basically, there are tiny little cuts in your ears that allow the bacteria to enter and fester.

Treat issues promptly to keep your hearing:

The condition can spread if not treated promptly. The infection can spread to other areas than just the ears. This is dangerous because of how close the ears are to the brain. Redness and tightening of the skin can occur which unfortunately causes further discomfort.

People can experience fever and swollen lymph nodes. Pus and draining may leave the ear canal creating an odor. Speak to our doctors about how to treat this once any of the symptoms arise. In more serious cases, hearing loss can occur once the sensitive organs of the ear are reached.

Even worse, the infection can spread to the brain and base of the skull. This can become harder and more complicated to treat. The inner ear is filled with tiny hair cells that register sound qualities. Those hearing nerve cells are completely fragile and cannot regenerate.

Once those tiny cells are ruined, they will never come back. This is exactly why it is dire to seek medical attention immediately if you feel any ear discomfort after being in a body of water this summer. Ears may be fragile, and the hearing can become compromised.

Reoccurring ear infections:

Keeping your ear free of bacteria is no easy feat for some patients. Some people have reoccurring ear infections due to their hygiene or daily activity. If your ears hurt while chewing or when you tug on your earlobe, you may have bacteria in your ears. Do not write this off to your normal TMJ issues.

Listen to your body by staying in tuned with any changes. You should notice very quickly if your hearing suddenly sounds muffled. Most likely, you will be prescribed antibiotics and have a follow up visit to prevent hearing loss. Speak to our physicians about ear plus safety and custom ear plugs.

Do not put off seeking medical attention when it comes to your precious hearing. Once it is compromised, it cannot be returned back to its original state. If your hearing is affected too badly, you may need to speak to our physicians regarding your future use of hearing aids.

Hearing aids may be an option for adults with hearing loss. Make an appointment today if you have any hearing loss or ear discomfort. Thank you for stopping by, and be sure to come back next time for more valuable information!

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