Last time readers dropped in, the topic of conductive hearing loss was being discussed. Readers learned about the causes. Today, we are sharing symptoms and treatment for conductive hearing loss which can be found at Orlando ENT Hearing Center.

Causes of conducive hearing loss wrapped up:

In the most recent blog, we shared that otitis media, tympanosclerosis, and blockages in the eustachian tube may be the cause for your conducive hearing loss in the middle ear. Now, let’s wrap up the causes and move onto symptoms and treatment. Abnormal growths can happen anywhere on the body.

Unfortunately, abnormal growths can develop inside the middle ear. However, it is somewhat good that they are usually very noticeable and detected early as they make themselves known inside the middle ear. Hearing loss can happen quite rapidly in this part of the ear, so treatment can be discussed with your doctors for taking care of this issue.

Ossicular chain discontinuity caused by an injury or heavy trauma to the ear will be the last cause of conductive hearing loss shared. This is a fancy term for a break inside the middle ear. More specifically, it is a break in the connection between the bones in the middle ear.

Symptoms of conductive hearing loss:

People struggling with this sort of hearing loss do not have troubles with clarity so much as they do with the overall loudness of sounds. This is because the sensitive inner ear and auditory nerve are still intact. Usually, individuals live just fine during normal, daily activities.

They simply find themselves turning up the volume on whatever devices they are us using such as the television, phone, or radio. It is common for people dealing with conductive hearing loss to hear better in one year than in the other. This may be due to an injury or blockage in one ear.

Along with hearing loss, there may be pain in one or both ears. This can be caused by the sensation of pressure which happens to be another symptom entirely. Frustration is very an extremely common symptom of any sort of hearing loss because of the new difficulty in hearing.

There may be a foul smell coming from the ear canal. This is a sign of infection. As you can guess, an odor is a sign to get medical attention immediately to prevent permanent hearing loss. Lastly, the patient may feel their own voice sounds different or louder than usual.

Treatment found at your local ENT:

There are treatments for conductive hearing loss, but of course, they depend on the cause found by your ENT. If there is wax impaction, there is a way for the ENT doctor to get the wax out. This will open up the ear canal and allow for sounds to travel to the inner ear.

Foreign objects and abnormal growths may need to be surgically removed. Ear infections can most often be treated in the matter of a few days with medical treatments such as antibiotics. Please do not hesitate to contact our office if you are experiencing a change in hearing.

Imagine if it was as simple as removing some ear wax! Call today to schedule an examination. Stay safe and keep your distance in public.

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