In a recent Orlando Hearing Center series focused on strengthening the immune system. Because of COVID-19, many families are getting outside more often. To stay active and have the best fighting chance against the coronavirus, it is best to keep a strong immune system.


Although with a healthy diet and regular exercise, your body may not need supplements, it may not hurt to add some immune strengthening supplements to your daily diet. It is important to stay your healthiest during this time of year. There are still COVID-19 cases, and the holidays are rapidly approaching.

For some families, the holidays may not be the same as years before. Many families have lost loved ones and will have an extra place setting at the dinner table. We sincerely send our condolences to those mourning.

Other families doing their best to keep their loved ones healthy, follow along for great tips. As we stated in recent blogs, exercising regularly is a great way to keep the immune system strong. Eating a healthy, balanced diet is key to giving your body its best fighting chance against viruses and bacteria.

Exercising regularly while eating a healthy, balanced diet will eventually keep you in a healthy weight range. It is important to maintain a healthy weight- key word being maintain. If you yo-yo with your weight, it is not usually any healthier than staying overweight.

Getting quality sleep is necessary for blood pressure and reduce anxiety. Simple hygiene such as regularly washing hands along with social distancing will greatly reduce the risk of illness. Lifestyle changes are also crucial in strengthening the immune system.

Cutting out alcohol and smoking of any kind will support the immune system. Drinking alcohol in moderation is okay after a doctor’s approval. However, quitting smoking is an excellent way to support the immune system.

Immune support supplements:

In addition to traditional practices, people are turning to additional methods to keep their immune system going strong. Vitamin C may help prevent viral, bacterial, and other infections. It shortens the duration of colds and acts as a natural antihistamine as well as anti-inflammatory.

Vitamin D is an important immune system strengthening nutrient. It can reduce the risk of colds and the flu. This should be taken on a regular basis for best effectiveness

Vitamin A is used on a more short-term basis. It can help support the body’s ability to fight off infections. It is especially beneficial for fighting off respiratory infections.

Zinc may help reduce the number of infections in a person’s body and the duration of a common cold when taken within twenty-four hours onset. Remember this next time you feel one coming on!

Selenium is a key nutrient for immune function. It is easily obtained from foods like the Brazil nut. It is also an antioxidant. This means it strengthens the body’s defenses against bacteria, cancer cells, and viruses.

Raw honey is a natural wonder. It is good at relieving minor pain and inflammation of mucus membranes such as the nose or mouth. It has antioxidant properties and some microbial effects. Raw honey is helpful for coughs and sore throats as it acts as a nice, soothing layer.

Take note that children under one years old are often discouraged to have honey. People with seasonal allergies may find raw honey eases their symptoms over time. However, for those with plenty of allergies, raw honey may increase symptoms.

More to come at the Orlando Hearing Center blog:

Next time, we are sharing more supplements that are noted for strengthening the immune system. While many families are getting outdoors and avoiding large crowds, Florida campgrounds and springs are reaching capacity. Be sure to stay on top of any ear infections or bacteria getting into your loved ones nasal passages while swimming.

Call Orlando Hearing Center if you have any questions about hearing loss, ear popping, or pressure. Stay healthy, readers!

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