As we’ve discussed before, Swimmer’s Ear is very common in children. Children are prone to middle ear infections. Adolescents, however, are more prone to outer ear infections, which can be caused by swimming in polluted lakes or rivers, or even in chlorinated pools. Outer ear infections can also be caused by over-zealously cleaning the ears.

Symptoms of Swimmer’s Ear in teens include:

  • Redness or itching around the opening of the ear canal
  • Pain when the ear is touched
  • Yellow discharge from the ear
  • Temporary hearing loss due to swelling in the ear canal

If your teen’s ear, nose, and throat doctor diagnoses him or her with an outer ear infection, the doctor will most likely prescribe ear drops to help reduce the inflammation and rid the ear of specific bacteria and/or fungus that caused the infection. It is not uncommon for the pain and tenderness in the ear to increase the first day or two of the ear drops treatment. If the infection is severe, oral antibiotics may also be prescribed.

Over-the-counter pain medications and warm compresses on the ear will help to reduce your teen’s ear pain. He or she should be asked to continue the medication for 2-3 weeks after symptoms fade, as directed by your doctor. The ear should be kept clean and dry. When showering, a soft ear plug should be worn, such as ear putty or a cotton ball dipped in petroleum jelly.

If your suspect that your teenager may have an ear infection, contact Orlando ENT today to make appointment.


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