The next response we are going to share with readers is called the inflammatory response. This response occurs when tissues are injured by bacteria, trauma, heat, toxins, or any other causes. These damaged cells release various chemicals.

Strengthen your immune system:

The chemicals released include:

  • histamine
  • bradykinin
  • prostaglandins

These three chemicals cause blood vessels to leak fluid into the body’s tissues. This process causes swelling. It may seem like it is causing harm to the body, but swelling helps isolate the foreign substance from further contact with other body tissues.

Those chemicals also attract white blood cells which are named phagocytes. Phagocytes eat germ sand dead, damaged cells. Experts call this process phagocytosis.

Phagocytes eventually die off, and a pus is formed from a collection of dead tissue, dead bacteria, live phagocytes, and dead phagocytes.


Not everyone has an efficiently working immune system. Immune system disorders occur when the immune response is directed against its own body tissue. Allergies involve an immune response to a substance that most bodies perceive as harmless.

A normal, seamless immune response protects against many diseases and disorders. However, an inefficient immune response allows diseases to develop. Once the body uses too much, too little, or the incorrect immune response, it causes immune system disorders.

Autoimmune diseases are caused by an overactive immune response. In this case, antibodies form against the body’s own tissues. To put it nicely, it causes a great deal of health issues if not treated promptly. People have complications from altered immune responses such as:

  • hypersensitivity
  • autoimmune disorders
  • allergies
  • graft versus host disease
  • serum sickness
  • transplant rejection

How to strengthen your immune system:

For starters, exercising regularly will keep your overall health in better condition than if you did not exercise regularly. Eating a healthy, balanced diet which is high in fruits and vegetables. Use an app to help keep track of what you are eating

After time, you will get used to how much you should be eating every day without using the app. Maintaining a healthy weight will effect your overall health and can strengthen your immune system too.

Aim for a routine. Try to wake up around the same time every morning and go to sleep at the same time every evening. This will allow for a healthy sleep schedule, and getting the right amount of sleep in vital to your health.

Reducing stress is not an easy task, but it may strengthen your immune system. Begin by developing good coping mechanisms such as putting your phone away when you feel stress coming on, walking with your dog, or drinking a glass of warm water and freshly squeezed lemon.

Take a moment to gather yourself. Reducing stress makes you immediately chemically healthier. Harmful chemicals are released in your body when you feel stressed, so be mindful of how your well the coping mechanisms are working.

Along with a healthy diet, exercise, and mental health, drinking alcohol in moderation (if at all) is very important. Limit the amount of alcohol you keep in your home to decrease the likeliness of consumption. Alternatively, keep alcohol and sweets out of the house and only order guilty pleasures when you are out for dinner!

What you can do now:

Of course, getting regular examinations and blood work done is crucial for confirming good health. Vitamins and supplements are a good option for boosting where you lack- with the guidance of a physician.

Taking steps to prevent infection may include:

  • washing hands before eating finger foods
  • avoid touching your face
  • drinking plenty of water
  • social distancing
  • getting out into nature to boost serotonin

Check back in next week to learn what you can do to strengthen your immune system and stay healthy during this COVID-19 pandemic. As always, we are thankful you choose our Orlando ENT doctors to treat your medical needs. See you next time!

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