As we shared in our last article, ear infections can be prevented. Last week, we began to share ways you can prevent ear infections. Today, we want to share ways to stay healthy during quarantine.

Stay healthy during quarantine:

While COVID-19 is continuing to frighten people all over the world, life must go on. Regular wellness check-ups are not to be neglected unless your physician recommends to do so. As we all move towards the future in this uncertain setting, we all must maintain our health.

Maintaining our overall health includes keeping our children up with immunizations. We cannot neglect ourselves. If you get sick, who will have to take care of your kids, pets, or household? Who will support you financially?

This is the concern we want to discuss. Keep up with regular, yearly physical exams and bloodwork. When we are at in our best condition, we have the best chance of fighting off COVID-19 and regular flu, sinus infections, and colds.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommends quitting smoking and vaping. Vaping products, also called e-cigarettes, have caused an outbreak of lung injury. According to the CDC, there has been a total of two thousand eight hundred seven cases or deaths as of February eighteenth.

As we discussed last time, smoking does cause ear infections, so quick smoking today to stay healthy during quarantine. Smoke can enter the ear and this is not ideal. Also, you may have heard or read that having injured lungs from smoking or other health conditions may complicate and worsen your fight with the novel Coronavirus.

Ear infection treatment:

When a patients gets an ear infection, or suspect they have one, they may not necessarily need to go into the office. In-person visits may not be necessary to diagnose ear infections. During these uncertain, risky times, some doctors are opting for video chat appointments.

This alternative to physical exams may be helping flatten the curve as you are reading this. Certain other conditions such as eye infections may also be looked at via video chat or Telehealth. Many people are getting the help they need within minutes without leaving the house, which is the goal for all Americans right now.

Prevent ear infections by cleaning earbuds:

Many Americans use earbuds during their daily activities. For some, it may be during exercise, a commute to work, or for simple listening to music while doing mundane, house chores. Headphones can also be much dirtier than you would suspect.

However, many doctors are concerned with the bacteria on earbuds are such as those produced by big brands like Apple or Bose. Any earbuds that fit snug inside the ear have become a part of many routines as they do not fall out easily making them easy to use while continuing getting to-dos checked off. Always be mindful of the volume before, not after, the earbuds are inserted to avoid rupturing eardrums.

This is exactly why we want to share how you can clean those bad boys in our next blog post. Be sure to visit next time to learn how to clean your earbuds safely. Keeping your family safe and healthy during this trying time is all we can do.

Be sure to contact our office if you suspect you or your loved one has an ear infection. We are eager to ease pain and protect your hearing. Keep up with our blogs to stay healthy during quarantine!

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