Sore throats can be common this time of year, but how do you know when it is time to see a doctor. Whether it is a dull pain that goes away with ibuprofen or a terrible ache that makes it almost impossible to swallow, if you’ve had it for several days and it hasn’t gone away, the chances are you need to make an appointment with the doctors at Orlando Ear, Nose & Throat.

What is Causing Your Soar Throat?

Throat discomfort can be caused by several factors. Are there any other symptoms? Is is a sharp pain, like there is a knife in your throat, does it burn when you swallow, or feel scratchy? Is accompanied with a headache, fever, cough, or runny nose? These are just a few things the doctor will want to know during an examination.

A Chronic Sore Throat Can Be Caused For Many Reasons

Strep Throat– Typically a fever, pain when swallowing, and white spots on the back of the throat, goes hand in hand with strep throat.

Allergies– Sore and itchy throat, especially during times of high pollen levels.

Smoking– Cigarettes contain chemicals known to irritate the throat.

Tonsillitis– An infection that affects the tonsils, making it difficult to swallow and cause tender lymph nodes.

Mouth Breathing– Can leave your throat irritated and dry. Often times it stems from a sinus problem, blockage, or mucous buildup.

Relief For Your Sore Throat

Relief can come in several forms. Lifestyle changes, such as staying indoors during allergy season. While other ailments need intervention from a doctor, such as a bacterial infection, a sinus problem may need minor surgery, and allergies may need medication.

For immediate relief, try gargling with warm salt water, drink warm tea, and to keep the dry air from irritating your throat, run a humidifier.

If you or a loved one is suffering from a chronic sore throat, it’s time to contact Orlando Ear, Nose, & Throat.

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