Though sinus surgery may sound a little scary, it doesn’t need to be. The fact is, sinus surgery has helped thousands of people living in the Orlando area and over 30 million Americans breathe much easier.

If you are suffering from congestion or difficulty breathing, sinus surgery may be an option that can improve your quality of life.

What Are The Benefits of Sinus Surgery?

Fewer sinus headaches and infections

Sinus headaches and chronic sinus infections can be debilitating. They can last a couple of days to months. Facial pain with either a nose that won’t stop running or congestion you can’t seem to unblock, impacting every part of your life. Surgery widens the sinuses pathway, which can reduces all these symptoms, as well as, chronic and acute sinus infections.

Reduced facial pressure and pain

If you’ve ever suffered from a sinus infection, you know how bad the facial pain, headache and pressure can be. It can be difficult to concentrate on anything but the pain behind your eyes, the bridge of your nose, pounding pain, fatigue or a combination of them all. Sinus surgery can alleviate much of this, helping you get back to living your life.

Improved quality of life

A study by the Oregon Health & Science University discovered 76 percent of sinus surgery patients felt their quality of life improved.

“This study demonstrates the real-world benefits of endoscopic sinus surgery for patients with chronic sinusitis,” confirmed the study’s chief investigator, Timothy L. Smith. “We now know that most patients who have this surgery experience an important and significant improvement in quality of life.”

Respondents reported their symptoms were vastly improved, they were less irritable, and they were able to led more productive lives.

Why are you still suffering with sinus problems?

Sinus surgery can sound daunting, but just imagine a life without all the pain and pressure. Isn’t it time to talk with the doctors at Orlando Ears Nose & Throat and start improving your quality of life.

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