Hunting is a popular past time for many Floridians. At times, it’s an opportunity for peaceful solitude. It can rapidly escalate into an adrenaline-fueled chase, though. During the chase, it can be difficult to remember to wear ear protection. A single gunshot can reach 140 decibels, loud enough to predominately damage a person’s hearing. Over time, even a few sporadic gunshots per day can add up and cause hearing impairment.

Ear plugs are the most cost effective option, but if not used properly they’re only about 50% effective. An amplified muff is a device worn in the ear that is much more effective than ear plugs. While plugs block all sounds, an amplified muff allows for normal conversation while damping the sudden, explosive noise of a gunshot.

In-canal amplified muffs cost around $400. For a complete fit, a custom pair can be created by a hearing specialist for around $1200. These devices are made by professionals who also make hearing aids, but its important to keep in mind that amplified muffs aren’t the same as hearing aids. A hearing aid won’t block loud sounds nearly as effectively as an amplified muff. Speak with your Orlando ENT hearing specialist if you’re considering investing in an amplified muff, whether or not you currently wear a hearing aid.

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