Last week, readers learned about the importance of an annual hearing test and finding a work and personal life balance. Thank you for coming back to continue the series. In today’s article, readers will learn the tips to find a work and personal life balance in order to prioritize health and mental health.

Work and personal life balance:

If there is no balance between work and personal life, all other parts of life will become chaos. Prioritize your health, marriage, friendships, and personal growth, It is crucial to find your own balance or all of these parts of life will become overwhelming.

Everyone’s balance may look different. It is likely to vary immensely from person to person. Whatever your days look like, there should be a schedule or bullet points of what needs to get done.

Fine tuning a daily schedule:

Schedules should not add to stress but relieve it. Getting into a schedule helps the whole family know what to expect around certain times. For example, if everyone in the family expects to wake up by eight, they know breakfast will soon follow about thirty minutes later.

This way, everyone wakes up and eats starting off at the same time. As a result of having a similar wake up time, everyone will likely wind down around the same time. During the day, breakfast, lunch, and dinner will more than likely be eaten at the same time creating an easier cleanup routine as well.

Consider delegating tasks. If you and your partner need to work during certain hours, adequate aged children can clean up the table and kitchen after breakfast and lunch. For dinner, the parents can prepare the food and clean up afterwards while the children bathe and get ready for bedtime.

Adapting to daily changes:

Creating a schedule that works for everyone in the family is not an easy feat but it is attainable. Each member of the household can have designated work times. All of these working times should coincide.

It is not only a fantastic way to manage time, but an understood schedule allows for everyone to learn respect. Learning how to respect others is a valuable lesson which even adults need to practice sometimes. Even a small child deserves to be heard and respected.

If the young ones are feeling exhausted and require an earlier nap or playtime to get their energy out, that should be respected. In the long run, this will make the entire day run more smoothly for all involved. Through fine tweaking, parents can learn what works best for their everyone in the household.

Prioritize your health:

After all, one of the greatest benefits of working at home is the flexibility- even more so if you are your own boss. Come back next week as we share more tips for working from home. After you find a good work and personal life balance, you will find more time to go to annual check ups such as hearing tests. Prioritize your health, so you feel your best for years to come.

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