There are several different reasons a person may want ear plastic surgery. Some people are born with ears that are missing cartilage, protrude, or droop. Others suffer a traumatic injury to the ears or ear lobes. Even if the hearing isn’t affected, many people choose to get their ears “fixed” because the deformity or injury causes social anxiety. Regardless of the deformity or the reason, these ear conditions can be fixed surgically.

For children who are born with ears that aren’t properly formed, many parents choose to have surgery early in childhood to help with self esteem and social development. Depending upon how severe the deformity is, a prosthetic ear can be added or the ear can be surgically reformed to match the other ear.

For those who suffer a tearing of the earlobe or injury due to a vehicle accident, animal bite, or other trauma, there is also hope. Often times minimal tearing or injuries can be fixed in the doctor’s office. The outer ear typically heals quickly with little or no dressing on the ears depending upon the severity of the injury.

For the most part, insurance doesn’t cover cosmetic ear plastic surgery. However, for surgery that is done as a result of an injury or congenital defect.

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