Allergy sufferers across Central Florida are experiencing higher than normal discomfort this summer. The spike in pollen levels from flowering plants, juniper, oak, and grass, combined with the Saharan dust storm, all travel through the wind and can make life miserable! Itchy, watery eyes, sore throat, pressure headache, runny nose, the list goes on and on. 

These allergens can easily cause inflammation in the sinus cavity. 

The hollow spaces under your eyes and behind your cheeks, around your nose, and in your lower forehead are where your sinuses are located. Everything is fine when air can move freely in and out and mucus is able to easily drain. But when your sinuses become irritated, the tissue lining them swells, mucus and pus fills the sinus cavities and nose, and the cavities that drain the sinuses are blocked. Causing pain and pressure in the face, eyes, and head.

“Sinusitis is an inflammation of the sinuses that affects 37 million people each year, making it one of the most common health problems in the U.S. with symptoms that include facial pain, teeth pain, headaches, fatigue, sore throat and bad breath,” according to an article in Business Wire.

Research has also showed a link between sinusitis and cognitive dysfunction, depression, diabetes and anxiety

A recent survey conducted by Qualtrics revealed the over 37 million people who suffer from chronic sinusitis, many of them fail to get relief through medical therapy. Fortunately, new technology has led to fast and effective procedure that can be performed in the office by an ENT physician. Balloon Sinuplasty has been proven to be safe and has a fast recovery time.

Balloon Sinuplasty is a minimally invasive endoscopic procedure during which a thin balloon catheter is inserted into the nose. The balloon is gradually inflated to relieve blockages and widen the sinus pathways. The goal of a balloon sinuplasty is to enlarge the opening of the sinuses, reduce blockages and improve sinus drainage.

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