Facial pain, pressure under your eyes, runny nose, congestion, headaches, thousands of Central Florida residents suffer with sinus problems this time of year.

For those of us who are afflicted with this discomfort, we typically visit an urgent care of our primary care provider to find relief. Where we are given antibiotics for sinusitis. But it either doesn’t totally get resolved to just comes back in a few short weeks. 

All it takes is a one hour procedure for long term relief from sinus problems

New procedures and technology has lead to a highly effective way to finally find relief from uncomfortable sinus pain. Balloon Sinuplasty is a non invasive procedure with a quick recovery time. 

A small balloon catheter is placed into the sinus. The balloon is gradually inflated to relieve blockages and widen the sinus pathways. By gently reconfiguring the structure of the bones in the nose, the catheter restores normal sinus drainage, and keeps post-operative pain and bleeding to a minimum. Most patients can return home, the same day of the procedure.

The goal of a balloon sinuplasty is to enlarge the opening of the sinuses, reduce blockages and improve sinus drainage. Afterwards patients typically experience drastic improvements. The sinuses will remain wider, providing long term relief and an increased quality of life. 

Unlike traditional sinus surgery, balloon sinuplasty does not require incisions, or any removal of bone or tissue, although, in certain cases, it may be used in conjunction with traditional surgery. Balloon sinuplasty has many advantages over traditional procedures.

Is Balloon Sinuplasty right for you?

Contact Orlando Ears, Nose & Throat and find out why so many patients have found relief from chronic sinusitis symptoms with Balloon Sinuplasty.

Most insurance companies cover the cost of Balloon Sinuplasty, but to ensure coverage, contact your insurance provider for the specifics of your policy.

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