While we rely on our primary care doctor to a wide range of illnesses and physical conditions, but some issues need a specialist. An Ears, Nose, & Throat Doctor (ENT) is a specialized medial professional who is experienced, knowledgeable, and qualified in diagnosing and treating conditions affecting the ears, nose and throat.

If you or a loved one is experiencing any of these conditions, we encourage you to schedule an appointment with

Chronic sinusitis 

This is where the sinuses become swollen and inflamed, it can be a very painful condition. It  can last for weeks or even months. If you are struggling with a constantly stuffy nose, your face is swollen or sensitive, breathing through your nose is difficult, you feel pressure and pain behind your eyes or in your head, and over the counter medication hasn’t brought lasting relief, it’s time to make and appointment with Orlando Ears, Nose & Throat.

Chronic sinusitis can be the result of  allergies, an infection, a deviated septum, or nasal polyps. A series of test can be performed to identify the cause and the best treatment plan.

Acid reflux 

If you have painful heartburn on a regular basis, it could be acid reflux. If not treated it could result in more serious health condition. Such as a chronic cough, inflamed esophagus, and even be a precursor to cancer. If you continuously have heartburn and take antacids on a regular basis to try and find relief, it’s time to see an ENT.

Hearing loss

If you are experiencing changes in your hearing, a specialist can help diagnose any medical condition, genetic hearing loss, lifestyle habits, or illness, or affecting your hearing.

Sleep apnea

Snoring, fatigue, gasping for air, headaches or just a few symptoms of sleep apnea. It affects people of all ages. An ENT will help determine the best form of treatment by evaluating your breathing function.

Ringing in the Ears or Tinnitus 

It can be a constant buzzing, ringing, clicking, humming, or hissing noise, not associated with environmental sounds, can limit your hearing and be very frustrating. An ENT can help you find relief.

Laryngology and Voice Disorders

The larynx is responsible for creating your voice, the function of swallowing, and is also the entrance to the windpipe. It can become diseased, injured, or fatigued. Which can cause issues with your voice such as, hoarseness, cysts, polyps, nodules on the vocal cords, and cancer.

The physicians at Orlando Ears, Nose & Throat examine each patient carefully to ensure the best course of treatment and a better quality of life.

Contact Orlando Ears, Nose & Throat for an appointment and relief from your allergies.

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