New innovations in 2018 will  improve the hearing health of both children and adults.  Some of the most exciting innovations include rechargeable hearing aids, and even new technology which controls voice processing.  Every day, manufacturers are coming up with ways to create hearing aids which are more user-friendly and easier to adjust.  Hearing aids today are getting smaller and are less noticeable to wear.

Wearing the right hearing aid for adults and children promote better speech understanding and this can be crucial in an emergency situation.  The new hearing instruments will be more in demand in the coming years with new technologies driving sales. In the second quarter of 2018 quarterly sales went above 1 million net units for the first time in the industry’s history.

Speech is improved for children and teens with hearing loss:

For younger children, the most appropriate choice is probably going to be a “behind the ear” (BTE) hearing instrument.  Because the children grow  quickly, they will need maintenance several times per year to keep up with their growth spurts.  For the older children and teens with hearing loss, hearing aids will help them enjoy the activities that keep them busy such as:

  • Meeting peers and talking on social media
  • Listening to music day and night
  • Using smart phones
  • Paying attention in school
  • Attending concerts
  • Attending or participation in sporting events

For parents, it can be challenging to stay ahead of their children’s hearing health.  As they get older, there is a tendency for our kids to resent having to wear a hearing aid.  There is  lot of stigma which comes along with children and teens with hearing loss. Sometimes this can over-power the need to wear them.  We all know kids can be bullied and made fun of over anything that stands out as unusual or different.  Bullying can cause depression, loss of interest in enjoying their normal activities, and can even affect their self-esteem.

They may be getting teased and just want to feel normal.  To keep them wearing their hearing aid, the parent should research and find the best choice for their child.  Choosing a hearing aid with up to date smart technology may encourage all children to continue wearing their hearing aids daily.

Handling bullying when wearing a hearing aid:

To deal with this issue, every parent must understand that bullying can be discouraged by better awareness and a better understanding of why your child has a hearing challenge.  As a parent you could remind the child’s friends that they too could experience hearing loss in the future.  Hearing loss can be noise-induced, and occur to anyone because of many outside factors.  It is smart to tell your child to be their very own advocate and let you or the teacher know immediately when bullying occurs.

Being bullied because a child is wearing a hearing instrument is discrimination and should not continue.  If it occurs at school, the child should report it right away to the school representatives, even if it is a hard thing for the child to do.  Allowing it to continue will just embolden the bully.  Millions of our children suffer from hearing loss and they deserve to be free of bullying.

Hearing aid costs for children under 21:

Federal law mandates that Medicaid coverage be available for children under the age of 21. Those not covered by Medicaid may be covered by private insurers.  Contact our hearing aid specialists at Orlando Hearing Services to find out how we can guide you to purchase the right hearing instrument for your child.  We will also discuss options for payment.

Older adults have problems wearing hearing aids:

We all know that our parents hated having to consider a hearing aid.  And today it is still the same.  The stigma of being considered “old” is still the primary obstacle to many adults waring a hearing aid.  This is silly because today’s hearing instruments are hardly visible.  They don’t make you look older and if you can’t hear well, that is a bigger problem.  If you want to be considered an intelligent person it is best to be able to hear well.  Just think of the many conversations you will miss out on.

Another issue that adults face is the actual cost of hearing aids.  Some cost upwards of $2,000 and this could be out of reach for many older individuals.  There are some private insurances that do reimburse some of the cost.  If the hearing loss is caused by an injury or a disease, they could be covered.  But don’t let the cost stop you from better hearing.  The hearing specialists at Orlando Hearing Services will work with you to offer options for payment.

Paying for hearing aids for adults:

The VA does provide hearing aids for any veteran with a service disability.  Some states also offer vocational rehab for veterans too.  If you require a hearing instrument to do your job at work, the hearing aid may be paid for.  Contact our office right away for a hearing test and schedule an appointment so we can discuss your hearing loss.  This is not something that you should put off.  Your new year will be brighter and you will hear the beautiful sounds of the holiday in a new and refreshed way.

Browse our website to learn more about us, and contact our staff to stay pro-active with your hearing health.  Please enjoy one of our favorite quotes for this time of year:

“Sharing the holiday with other people, and feeling that you’re giving of yourself, gets you past all the commercialism.”      – Caroline Kennedy

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