Some individuals may immediately notice they are experiencing hearing loss. For others, it may take a friend or loved one to point it out. Have you ever talked to someone clearly and they thought you were mumbling? This is just one sign the other person is experiencing hearing loss. Today, we are discussing this topic by sharing the signs of hearing loss form an Orlando hearing doctor.

The sings of hearing loss from an Orlando hearing doctor:

Hearing loss is a natural part of aging. It can happened gradually as you age says an Orlando hearing doctor. In fact, about one-third of people in the United States ages sixty-five to seventy-five experience some degree of hearing loss. For those older than seventy-five years old, about one half of Americans experience hearing loss.

Hearing loss is broken down into three categories. Conductive hearing loss takes place in the outer or middle ear. Sensorineural involved the inner ear. Mixed is the combination of conductive and sensorineural.

There are many different things that contribute to hearing loss. Aging and chronic exposure to loud noises are most commonly to blame for hearing loss. Other causes for your hearing loss may be more temporary such as excessive ear wax. Hearing aids may be your saving grace if hearing loss is not temporary. Get fitted with us!

Unfortunately, in most cases, you cannot reverse hearing loss. But with checking up on your hearing health just as much as you visit the dentists, you may prevent hearing loss. Take the proper steps with your Orlando hearing doctor at the Orlando ENT Hearing Center to improve the quality of what you still hear.

Symptoms of hearing loss:

Hearing loss can feel like its hindering your whole life from taking flight. For those that are gradually staring to experience hearing loss, it may not be so obvious. Here are symptoms of hearing loss.

If you experience muffling of speech and other sounds, you should get checked out by a hearing specialist at Orlando ENT Hearing Center. During the steps taken in office, the ENT doctor will asses whether it is temporary due to infection or another cause.

In a crowded restaurant, most people find it rather difficult to understand someone across the table. But if you find you experience this obstacle often, this could be a sign of hearing loss. One sign of hearing loss is the difficulty understanding words especially against background noise or in a crowded area.

For this symptom of hearing loss, do not fright at the first occurrence. Of course, it is hard to hear one specific voice or noise in a crowded, loud place. On the other hand, if you notice you have a hard time hearing in most places, it could be time for a hearing test.

Next week, we are going to share more signs and symptoms of hearing loss, so you can catch onto those troubles quickly and share them with an Orlando hearing doctor. Once you notice signs of hearing loss, it is time for an exam and hearing test at Orlando ENT Hearing Center. Stop by next time for more valuable information!

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