If you are having trouble hearing or have hearing loss, it can easily be overwhelming. The thought of having a hearing aid may not sound very appealing, but don’ worry, there is help.

There have been many advances in hearing aid technology over the last several years, the industry is rapidly improving. Designed to gain better control of your hearing, amplify soft sounds, masking tinnitus, wind reduction, directional microphone, wireless connectivity, variable programming, environmental noise control, and waterproofing, all designed to improve your overall health.

Types of Hearing Aids

Hearing aids come in two main categories, in the ear and over the ear. There are several styles within the categories.

In the Canal

Fits partly in the ear canal of an adult to improve mild to moderate hearing. They are custom molded and are not as visible as larger styles. They also allow features that don’t typically fit on hearing aids that fit completely in the canal

In the Ear

There are a few different styles. A half shell, which fits in the lower part of the bowl shaped area of the outer ear and a full shell, filling most of the outer ear.

This type is typically easier to handle, a little more visible than those that go in the canal, and can include many features that may not fit on smaller styles.

Completely in the Canal

This is the least visible and smallest style, molded to fit completely in the ear canal. While you will be less likely to hear wind noise, the batteries are smaller and have a shorter lifespan. They can also be difficult to handle.

Behind the Ear

This type of hearing aid rests behind the ear and hooks over the top. A custom earpiece fits inside the canal of your ear and a tube connects them both. Though this is the largest type, the latest technology has streamlined them, making them barely noticeable.

There are a few variations of behind the ear. Instead of a tube, a receiver can be placed in the ear or canal, making it less noticeable.  There is also an Open Fit, which doesn’t fill the entire ear canal.

The audiologists at Orlando Ears, Nose & Throat are certified to fit and dispense the latest hearing aid technology. You may select from many styles including customized ear plugs.

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