Is it the flu, a cold, or a sinus infection? The symptoms are often similar, which can make it difficult to tell the difference. Continuing from last week’s blog, here are some other symptoms of a sinusitis. 

Your sinuses are small spaces filled with air located behind the bridge of your nose and, inside you cheekbones and forehead. They start to swell from an infection, an allergic reaction, the common cold, or flu, which all produces mucus. The inflammation blocks them from draining properly. Causing the onset of pain, pressure, and other symptoms.


If you have a sinus infection you may get a fever due to your immune system’s response to purging the infection. This is when a cold overlaps with sinusitis. During a cold the sinuses can become blocked, swollen, and become inflamed, causing an infection in the sinuses. 

Change In Mucus

When your mucus changes, becomes thicker, appear yellow or green in color, is a red flag you have an infection. “Another potentially helpful sign is the color of your nasal discharge. Unlike colds, which generally produce clear mucus, bacterial infections can produce greenish or yellow mucus,” Health


Sinusitis is notorious for throwing headaches that linger for days. The increase infection buildup causes extreme pain and pressure. Some people experience a throbbing pain and a decrease in taste and smell. 


When your immune system is battling an infection, it puts a strain on your body. It can lead to a feeling of lethargy and even exhaustion that can last for a lengthy period of time. 

Are Sinus Infections Contagious?

According to Medical News Today, “There are several causes of sinus infections, some of which are contagious. A sinus infection that is caused by a virus is contagious and spreads easily from person to person. Sinus infections caused by a deformity, a blockage in the nasal passages, or allergies are not contagious.”

If you are surfing from sinus issues, Orlando Ears, Nose & Throat can help you find relief.

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