If you’ve had sinus problems you know the misery and discomfort. While over the counter medications can help treat the symptoms, until the underlying cause is treated, they will keep coming back.

What is sinusitis?

Sinusitis is a common condition that affects nearly 30 million people in the Untied States.Your sinuses are pockets of tissue located behind your cheek bones, between your eyes, and in your forehead. The they become inflamed, you have sinusitis or a sinus infection.

Sinus problems can stem from a number of things, from an infection, allergic reaction or nasal polyps. Treatment of any infection should be a priority.

Nasal polyps are soft, fleshy, non-cancerous growths in the lining of the nasal passages or sinuses. They can be caused by recurring infections, chronic inflammation, sensitivity to certain drugs, allergies, and immune disorders. They typically cause the nasal passages to become inflamed, causing the same symptoms.

Sinus infections can last for a few days or last for weeks. Chronic sinusitis is when the infection continues for several weeks. Without treatment, it can cause more serious complications.

What causes sinusitis?

Respiratory infections, the flu, and a cold, can trigger a sinus infection. As well as, nasal polyps, growths in your nasal passages. Those with an autoimmune disease and allergies are susceptible to developing this type of infection.

How do I know if I have chronic sinusitis?

Symptoms of a sinusitis are difficult to miss, just ask anyone who has suffered with one. Severe congestion is the main symptom, but there are many more

Postnasal drip and/or runny nose

Pressure or pain around the eyes, cheeks and forehead

Dry mucus blockages in nasal passages

Reduced sense of smell or taste

These symptoms can be moderate, mild, to severe, enough to make day to day life almost impossible.

How do I treat sinusitis?

If you’re anything like me, I’ve tried just about every over the counter medication to try and get relief from my sinus headaches, antihistamines or decongestants, but the symptoms keep coming back.  That’s when I found out there are more permanent solutions.

Balloon Sinuplasty is a safe and very effective treatment for chronic sinusitis. It is a minimally invasive endoscopic procedure during which a thin balloon catheter is inserted into the nose. The balloon is gradually inflated to relieve blockages and widen the sinus pathways.

Treatments for nasal polyps include steroid tablets or steroid nasal spray for patients with smaller polyps. For larger polyps, surgery may be required.

Getting relief starts with a visit to Orlando Ear, Nose & Throat. With an exam, diagnosis, and treatment, you can breath easy and pain free!


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