Many Central Florida residents are living with the pain and suffering from sinusitis. A condition that occurs when the spaces or cavities around the nasal passages become irritated and swollen. When you’ve gone weeks with little to any relief from over the counter medication, it can become Chronic Sinusitis.  The good news; you don’t have to suffer, there are treatment that can give you relief.

What is the cause of chronic sinusitis?

Typically, chronic sinusitis starts out as an infection from allergies or a cold that just won’t go away. Cilia, the tiny hair like structures that line your sinuses, help mucus move through the cavities in the sinuses. When the membranes in the sinus swell, the cilia are not able to do their job. This allows bacteria to colonize in the sinus cavity.

An allergic reaction can also initiate inflammation, causing swelling of the membranes in the sinuses, keeping the cilia from working like they should, which can cause an infection.

Infections can can also be caused by nasal polyps. Not only do they make breathing difficult, they don’t allow the sinuses to properly drain. 

What are the symptoms of chronic sinusitis?

Symptoms of sinusitis include pain, congestion, pressure in your cheeks, eyes, and forehead. Visible swelling has also been known to occur. You also may have a decreased sense of taste and smell. 

Other symptoms can be, thick green or yellow discharge, fatigue, pain in the upper jaw or teeth. 

The difference between chronic sinusitis and a sinus infection, is that chronic sinusitis last for weeks with little relief from treatment.

Why see and ENT when you have chronic sinusitis?

An Ear, Nose & Throat doctor is a qualified medical professional who is uniquely trained to treat the sinuses. There are several treatments for chronic sinusitis. To determine which one is best for your specific case, they will need to perform an examination.

Why has Balloon Sinuplasty become so popular in treating sinusitis?

Unlike traditional sinus surgery, balloon sinuplasty does not require incisions, or any removal of bone or tissue, although, in certain cases, it may be used in conjunction with traditional surgery. Balloon sinuplasty has many advantages over traditional procedures. Benefits may include: absence of surgical incisions, no damage to surrounding tissue, lack of serious complications, shorter recovery time, reduced bleeding. 


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