Nasal congestion, facial pressure, swelling, fever, pain, and lots of mucus, a sinus infection can make you feel miserable. They can last up to 10 days, or last for many weeks and even months. How do you know if the infection is caused by a bacteria or virus? How are they treated?

While most sinus infections are viral, they both have similar symptoms, headache, green or yellow mucus, fever, and bad breath. The duration of the symptoms is key to the source of infection. 

The symptoms of a viral sinus infection should start improving within 7 days. While a bacterial sinus infection may get worse after 7 days and persist much longer. 

According to the Cleveland Clinic here are some Steps you can take 

Whether your sinus infection turns out to be viral or bacterial, you can help to ease your symptoms early on with supportive sinus care: 

Use saline sprays two to three times per day in each nostril.

Use a nasal decongestant, but not longer than three days.

Drink eight 8-ounce glasses of fluid per day.

Get plenty of rest.

Take an over-the-counter anti-inflammatory, such as acetaminophen or ibuprofen to help relieve swelling of your sinuses.

If your symptoms aren’t improving after one week, it’s important to see your doctor. If a bacterial infection is suspected, you’ll probably need to take an antibiotic to clear up the infection and prevent further complications.

It is important to note that antibiotics don’t help with viral infections. In fact, they can do more harm than good. Allowing your body to develop a resistance to antibiotics. Which means future infections can be harder to treat.

It is important to see an Ears, Nose & Throat Doctor, allowing an infection to go untreated can lead to serious complication.

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