When you think about allergies, you probably think first of outdoor allergies like pollen, grass, and ragweed. Indoor allergies can also cause discomfort, especially in spaces where you spend a lot of time but don’t necessarily have control over the cleanliness level, like the office.

The major office-based allergy culprits include dust, mold, and mildew. Other products such as cigarette smoke, fragrances, cleaning chemicals, sprays, and candles may also set off someone with allergies.

These allergens are exacerbated by enclosed spaces that are cluttered, dark, dingy, and/or if there are leaks in the building. In addition to causing allergic reactions, breathing in mold and mildew spores for a prolonged period can have very negative health effects.

If you suspect that the office is causing you to experience a high level of allergen discomfort, it’s best to let your employer know. Warning signs include several sinus infections in one year, trouble breathing, or having the symptoms of allergies when pollen and other outdoor allergens aren’t in high supply. If you’re experiencing severe allergen symptoms, visit us at OrlandoENT. We can help you to pinpoint the cause and help manage the symptoms.

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