Some people rely on nasal irrigation to help clear nasal passages and sinuses and ease congestion pressure. Neti pots use water and gravity to flush excess mucus, irritants, and foreign contaminates from the nose and sinus cavity. There are pros and cons to this practice, though.


Neti pots and other nasal irrigation devices remove the dirt and debris from cilia, the small hairs in the nose, and mucus. They play well with other, more traditional sinus treatments like antibiotics and steroids, and can sometimes replace them. It works best to treat the symptoms of thick, dry, or crusty mucus or chronic sinus problems.


Although neti pots are generally well tolerated, using undistilled water can lead to excess bacteria forming in the sinus cavities, which can lead to serious illness or death. Using neti pots consistently over a longer period of time can not only decrease their effectiveness, it can cause you to flush too much mucus and beneficial bacteria from your system.

Used occasionally, a neti pot can effectively provide relief from nasal congestion and pressure, just make sure to take proper precautions when cleaning, storing, and using your neti pot.

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