Last time, we began to share the nuisance Americans experience called motion sickness. Some refer to it as sea sickness or travel sickness. This week, we would like to share ways to prevent motion sickness.

Minimizing effects of motion sickness:

There are multiple ways one can prevent sea sickness, or at least minimize its effects on a person. There are supplements and medicines available in the Untied States. However, dramamine does not always do the trick, especially for people that get sea sick often.

Here are just a few ways you can prevent sea sickness, or motion sickness in general. Whatever direction the car, plane, or boat is heading towards, that is the direction you should aim to face. This helps the vestibular system we spoke about in our last blog.

When the body feels like it is facing the direction it is headed in, it greatly minimizes the affects or prevents the likelihood of motion sickness symptoms. For some, sitting in the backseat makes things even worse.

Reducing risk of car sickness:

Try sitting in the front seat and looking forward while riding in the car. Looking back to speak to people in the backseat can negate the effects of sitting in the front seat. Also, reading a book or texting on your phone can make you feel dizzy.

Looking down, or in different directions, will easily make you disoriented. It’s very common for people to hold their breath while they read, so this just adds fuel to the motion sickness fire. Many say staying on the upper deck of a boat will reduce the swaying thus reducing sea sickness. Sitting on the wing seats in airplanes help many flyers which get plan sick.

The foods you eat or drinks you enjoy before riding, boating, or flying can have an impact. Avoid eating spicy or greasy foods before traveling, no matter the mode of transportation. Large meals are to be avoided too for the same reason. Keeping your stomach empty or lightly snacking

What to avoid and what to try:

Putting weight in your abdomen by eating a large meal or eating foods that lay heavy is the last thing you want to do. For some people, drinking a tea or beverages with caffeine can help. If these two things do not help, try an Eastern solution.

Chewing ginger or drinking tea with sliced ginger can significantly reduce motion sickness. There are ginger tablets and candies in stores which can ease the stomach. Ginger may speed up the rate at which the stomach empties. Subsequently, this helps with nausea.

Of course, the most common way to prevent car sickness is to be the driver. Driving the car can drastically reduce chances car sickness. Your entire body is focused on points in the distance.

Your eyes and body is, or at least should be, focused  on the upcoming areas. This is what makes the vestibular system work properly. Remember, try to keep your eyes looking the direction in which you are headed in. Your body should align with this direction.

Lastly, do not multitask if at all possible. While it may be nice to stay distracted, it is also dire to stay aware of the direction you are headed in. For sleeping, this can makes things hard.

Rocky cruise ship nights can be disastrous, so try taking a walk around the upper deck. Speak to a doctor if you believe you may need a sleep aid. Sleep is necessary when avoiding nausea and dizziness.

If at all possible, try to ware yourself out. Physical exercise can reduce the likelihood of motion sickness by helping people fall asleep and stay asleep onboard.


There are over the counter medications people that are prone to motion sickness take for preventative measures. Discuss the possibility with your doctors. If symptoms persists, there may be underlying issues.

If normal motions such as walking or standing up cause dizziness and nausea, you may need to see our doctors. Vertigo is an issue many people deal with without knowing it. Going on a cruise, riding in a car, or sitting in a plane can cause these symptoms, but they should not persist past a certain point.

We hope you gained some insight into what you have been feeling. Enjoy your trips this summer with the help of our physicians!

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