Last week we discussed ways to remove foreign objects from a child’s nose, including using a pair of blunt tweezers if you can see the object, and blocking one nostril while asking the child to blow through the other one. If your child is too young to blow his or her nose on command, though, “Mother’s Kiss” may be the best way to try and remove something stuck in the nose.

“Mother’s Kiss” is a old home remedy that may work to remove the bead, seed, button, or toy in a less frightening, less invasive way than a trip to the emergency room. Here’s how it works:

  1. The parent or caregiver blocks the child’s free nostril with one finger
  2. The parent or caregiver places his or her mouth over the child’s mouth
  3. The parent or caregiver blows into the child’s mouth, potentially forcing out the foreign object

This method may work well as the child is comfortable with the caregiver and so won’t be frightened by the kiss. Unlike trying to pull out the object with tweezers, which can actually end up pushing the object further into the nose, the worst thing that is likely to happen with “Mother’s Kiss” is that that it doesn’t work.

It’s important to only perform “Mother’s Kiss” in the presence of a healthcare professional, however. In very rare cases the object could end up in the lungs, in which case it’s important to have medical supervision present. In the emergency room, doctors and nurses can give full instructions and safeguards for parents and caregivers.


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