As one of the most chronic health care problems in Central Florida, Sinusitis afflicts over 37 million Americans every year. Taking a toll emotionally and physically, significantly impacting their quality of life. 

If you suffer from chronic sinusitis, you’ve probable tried just about every over the counter medication on the market, with only temporary if any relief. 

Unfortunately, even with the use of antibiotics, nasal saline, steroids and treatments, most people don’t find adequate symptom relief.

This is when patients turn to minimally invasive treatment options in an ENT’s office. The benefits of these procedures include

Lower risk of bleeding

Shorter office, clinic, or hospital stay and much faster recovery time

No intended damage or removal of sinus tissues, structures, mucous membranes, nasal bones or sinus cartilage

Fewer required post-operative appointments or need to inspect stitches or sutures

Reduced need for the use of operative and post-operative pain medications

Reduced need for general anesthesia and lowered risk of adverse reaction to it

Reduced risk of post-operative infection

Reduced risk of unintentional tissue or structure damage

These procedures include: Balloon Sinuplasty, Turbinate Reduction, Nasal Polyp Removal

What is Balloon Sinuplasty?

The patient is placed under general anesthesia or local anesthetic, a sinus illumination system with laser tipped guides keep the area well lit so that the doctor can see the site accurately. The physician inserts a guide catheter, that is attached to a wire an a small balloon, through the nostril and near the sinus opening.

The catheter, is then inserted to cleanse the sinus with a saline solution. After the opening of the affected sinus is cleared, the balloon is deflated and removed, but the sinus remains open. The catheter restores normal sinus drainage, keeps post operative pain, and bleeding to a minimum. Most patients can return home, the day of the procedure.

Recent finding published in Medical News Today found, “When performed in a doctor’s office under local anesthesia, people who had balloon sinuplasty reported an overall improved the quality of life. They also had more open sinuses in radiographic images 24 weeks after surgery.”

Check back with us next week for more minimally invasive options for sinus issues. Until then, contact us for more information. 


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