Last time readers dropped in, they gathered quite a few helpful tips for handling life during the pandemic. As many schools continue to reopen, more children are returning to school property for in-person learning. However, while we know there are many kids still learning from home or parents working from home, there are plenty of tips for mental health that can put worries at bay.

In review:

In our recent article, we shared that it is great time to get your annual check ups knocked out. With most local, modern doctors offering virtual visits, it is actually easier than ever to get all of the family members annual checked off of the to-do list. Check with your doctors to see if this is an option for you.

If you are in the vulnerable population for COVID-19, speak with your doctor about getting vaccinated and other treatment options. Continue to wear masks where necessary. Speaking of virtual visits, there are so many ways to do things nowadays. Everywhere you look, there are plenty of options to make life easier and safer during the pandemic.

Plan ahead to make life safer and easier:

For ordering groceries, take your time over a few days putting things in your virtual cart. When you are ready, schedule the delivery or pickup time. At local grocery stores, you do not even need to exit the car to gather your items.

This means children and elderly can remain in the vehicle to avoid any risk. Most parents can agree this will be great to continue after the pandemic as well. Although it can be easier said than done, make your life easier by planning for things days in advance.

Especially for vaccines coming out, speak with your doctor about the risks and benefits. For patients that decide on getting vaccinated for COVID-19, research your local options and procedures.

Make mental health a priority:

As life throws more at you, remember to lean on others around you. If you are having a hard time handling things, reach out to a professional. Therapy is yet another outlet that has adapted to the virtual approach.

Imagine getting a quick twenty minute therapy session in every day. It is incredibly achievable due to apps with psychologists. Even mental health benefits covered through some insurances may be scheduled online.

Check with your insurance company. Each one in different, but seek out your options. In the meantime, express your concerns and stresses to your primary care health professional.

Never consider yourself alone. We want you to put your physical and mental health first in order for you to continue being a part of this loving community! The pandemic has either led people further into the darkness of depression or loneliness or it has let them to the path of self-care.

Almost keep in mind, you are worthy of your own time and deserve to heal present and past mental pain.

As for hearing health, there is a chance it has been neglected during the pandemic. Maybe you went swimming in questionable water and felt a strange itch inside of your ear. Perhaps you have heard a ringing due to escaping reality with loud car tunes. Whatever the case may be, do not put off getting examined by an Orlando ENT doctor.

At Orlando Hearing Center, it is very important we see our patients often enough to prevent long-term hearing loss. Make an appointment today to keep your ears clean and healthy.

Join us next time as we share more medical tips and information!

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