Last time readers dropped in, there was a discussion about tips for living with hearing loss. Today, we are happy to share more hearing loss tips. If you feel you cannot hear as well as you used to, make an appointment for hearing test today at Orlando ENT Hearing Center.

Hearing loss tips for all ages:

For children in school, aim to seat your child near the teacher. Placing a child as close to a speaking teacher as possible will increase their chances for successful learning. For kids with unilateral hearing loss, aim to place them with their better hearing ear closest to the teacher.

The same goes for teenagers and students of all ages. For adult students with hearing challenges, speak to the professor or teacher about your seating arrangement. Explain your challenges to determine the best place for you to attend class.

Avoid noisy areas:

This tip can be applied to so many circumstances. For adults learning a new trade, hobby, or skill, being as close as possible to a person speaking is the best way to give yourself an opportunity to thrive. In addition to sitting as close as possible to the instructor or teacher, avoiding other noisy areas is necessary. Avoid sitting next to air conditioners, printers, doors, and pencil sharpeners.

If the student’s quality of hearing is not sufficient with close seating arrangements, arrange for pictures and handouts that go along with the lesson plans. They may already be prepared for children with learning disabilities that cannot absorb information adequately when it is only in verbal form.

The same tips can be applied to people of all ages. For elderly patients, we recommend giving them the best opportunity to have optimal hearing. For example, avoid placing your elderly friends and family near noisy areas as well.

This is especially important for those that cannot voice when they are having trouble hearing. Avoiding noisy areas is a great thing to do even for people with great hearing because this can prevent hearing loss as well. Confirm your loved one’s instructors, teachers, or caregivers know how to operate their hearing aids.

They should know how it works and always have extra batteries, if applicable, nearby or in a cubby. Speak with those around your loved ones often. Check on their progress and if it seems they need further hearing testing. Remember, hearing abilities can change over time.

Present all facts and info:

Do your best to discuss all sets of challenges. For example, if a child has trouble localizing sound, they may not hear a teacher call their name on a noisy playground. If your loved one seems to get frustrated or has trouble making friends and conversations, it may be time for another hearing test to determine the most helpful treatments.

When receiving any hearing related diagnosis, it is best to provide ample information to those in everyday life. Children, those with autism, and elderly depend on those around them to know what challenges they live with. Knowing the challenges they have can make their life much more productive and enjoyable.

Come back next time as we share more hearing loss tips for making life with hearing loss easier. Make an appointment for a physical in-person exam to address all hearing issues. We hope you stop by next time!

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