In our most recent article, we shared about unilateral hearing loss. Today, we are sharing more on the subject. Also, readers will learn of signs to lookout for and tips to improve daily life with hearing loss.

Unilateral Hearing Loss in children:

As for any other condition or disease, your local ENT doctors at Orlando ENT Hearing Center can see adults for a whole array of ear, nose, and throat issues. As we stated in our last blog article, unilateral hearing loss, or UHL for short, is hearing loss in only one ear.

On the contrary, when a person has hearing loss in both ears, this is called bilateral hearing loss. Now, unilateral hearing loss can range from mild to profound, so it is possible to still hear people talking during conversations. However, even the slightest of hearing loss can affect a person’s ability to advance in life professionally and socially.

Life with hearing loss:

For safety reasons, it is always the best to get examined regularly. It is very dangerous to drive a car with even the slightest hearing loss. If you find yourself facing one ear towards someone when they are speaking, chances are you have single-sided hearing loss- which is just another term for unilateral hearing loss.

When there is basically no hearing left in one ear, is is commonly referred to as single-sided deafness, or SSD. For people that refer to one ear as a good ear, they may have single-sided deafness, or unilateral deafness.

As we mentioned in our last blog, this unilateral hearing loss is pretty common, so do not worry if you receive this diagnosis. Specialists at Orlando ENT Hearing Center excel in treating patients with this sort of hearing difficulty.

Tips for School and work:

Life with hearing loss can present a whole new set of challenges for young children. Children with unilateral hearing loss have a whole new set of challenges in a school setting as opposed to children with great hearing. We thought as children are returning back to school across the United States post COVID and holiday breaks, it would be beneficial to share some tips.

When choosing a daycare or preschool for a child with unilateral hearing loss, look closely at the setup. Avoid situations where many classes are within one large area. A noisy setting will not improve a child’s chances to succeed.

The same goes for adults with different types of hearing loss. Choosing a cubicle, desk, or office away from noisy areas such as break rooms, bathrooms, and staircases can drastically impact a professional’s daily life. Avoid areas close to vending machines, water fountains, or other places where plenty of background noise will be an issue.

Choosing an area where a person with hearing loss can succeed is extremely important. Join us next week as we share more tips for life with hearing loss. Speak with our doctors if this has been an issue for you.

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