The skin covering the outer ear is susceptible to a number of conditions that can cause them to itch, for example, bacterial infection, fungal infection, eczema, and psoriasis.

The most common bacterial infection is otitis externa, or swimmer’s ear, which can be caused by swimming, or any exposure to water, such as showering or bathing. Using a q-tip after getting water in your ear can cause itching because cotton swabs rob the ear of its natural wax, setting the stage for an infection.

Chronic ear itching may be caused by a fungus, which thrives in warm, dark places. A doctor can identify whether a fungal infection is the issue.

Allergies may also be the culprit of itchy ears. Allergies can affect all areas of the face, eyes, ears, nose, and throat. Allergy medication should clear up itchy ears caused from allergies.

The solution to itchy ears is a proper diagnosis, whether bacteria, fungus, allergies, or skin condition, once the issue is identified it should be easily treated. If you’re experiencing itchy ears, contact OrlandoENT to find out more and get relief.

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