Hearing aids are delicate technological instruments and properly caring for your hearing aid can prolong its life and ensure proper function. Always follow the manufacturer’s instructions, but here are some general tips for cleaning and caring for your hearing aid.

  • Remove your hearing aid at night and turn off the aid when not in use.
  • When you remove the hearing aid, carefully wipe it down with a soft cloth or tissue, especially around the tip that fits into the ear canal.
  • Keep hearing aids away from heat, cold, and moisture.
  • Closely monitor the battery life and replace dead batteries immediately.
  • If your hearing aid has a silicone or plastic piece that fits around the outside of the ear and is detachable from the electrical portion of the aid, clean it with mild soap and water.
  • Replace tubing pieces every three to six months or as recommended by your audiologist.
  • If your ENT professional recommends it, special cleaning agents can be purchased to help clean your hearing aid but alcohol or solvents shouldn’t be used.
  • Avoid showering or using hair products like hair spray while wearing your hearing aid.

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