You may be surprised to learn that as many as 50% of asthma sufferers developed the condition as an adult. Asthma is often thought of as a  childhood disease, and as such adult-onset asthma may not be easily recognized for what it is. Below are some symptoms that point to asthma. If you’ve experienced one or more of these symptoms chronically (for a long period of time), consider talking with your doctor or ear, nose, and throat specialist to look into the cause of the symptoms.

Frequent need to clear your throat. Persistent throat clearing is often caused by irritated mucus membranes in your throat, nose, and sinuses. Prolonged irritation in the mucus membranes can be a symptom of asthma.

Persistent cough. A cough that won’t go away even after you’ve cleared up the cold or allergy season could be cause for concern.

Wheezing, especially following exercise or when sick. Exercise and colds can trigger asthmatic symptoms. If you find that you’re coughing or wheezing when your gym buddy isn’t, it might be a good idea to get it checked out.

You’re sleep is interrupted by coughing. When you sleep your airways naturally narrow a little, but people who suffer from asthma have airways that are already narrow. When the airway narrows too much, you feel the need to cough, which can wake you up and cause you to not get enough rest at night.

Asthma is a very manageable condition, if you know how to manage it. If you’re experiencing any or all of the symptoms listed above, talk to your ENT doctor about it so that you can get relief and get on with life.[/fusion_text]

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