Hearing loss can impact a person’s life without it even being obvious. To have a good understanding of your ear health and hearing ability, go to an ENT for a hearing exam. For in depth information on hearing loss and hearing exams, continue with today’s blog.

Hearing loss symptoms:

For different people, hearing loss can present in different ways. Some symptoms are less obvious than others. Muffling of speech and other sounds is a sure sign of hearing loss whether mild or severe.

Hearing loss affects your social life:

Patients with hearing loss have a difficult time understanding words. It can be especially challenging to have a conversation in a crowd with plenty of background noise. Sometimes, people have trouble hearing consonants.

If you find yourself asking for others to repeat themselves, speak more slowly, clearly, or loudly, a hearing exam is definitely necessary. When you are the only one having trouble hearing the television or radio, you may not have as great as hearing and require an ENT’s attention.

As we age, our hearing can change. Even a minor incident can change one’s hearing ability. When a person withdrawals from a conversation, others may write it off to the individual being uninterested in the topic or just shy.

Hearing exams at Orlando ENT Hearing Center:

Similarly, if you find yourself avoiding some social settings, you may subconsciously be avoiding places where you have a difficult time relaxing or enjoying yourself. Having a hard time hearing can put a huge damper in any setting. It is important to see a doctor when you experience a sudden loss of hearing.

If the sudden hearing loss is in one particular ear, seek immediate medical attention. Talk to your doctor or our office today if hearing loss is affecting daily life. Age-related hearing loss may occur gradually, but there may be options to recover the hearing loss you though was already lost.

Hearing loss should not limit your relationships with friends, family, life partners, coworkers, or supervisors. Make a quick call today for a hearing exam performed by an experienced ENT doctor.

Our team is extremely experienced with hearing loss. Additionally, check out the rest of our website to discover other services we offer.

Water safety for summer and ear health:

Remember water safety this summer as you engage in swimming, splash pads, and regular baths. According to US Centers for Disease Control, drowning is the third leading cause of unintentional injury death. Drowning does not discriminate, and no one is drown-proof.

It can happen in as little as 20 to 60 seconds. Males account for twice the overall mortality rate of females. Not just in the US, the highest drowning rates are among children one to four years old with the next groups ages five to nine years old.

Inform those around you, and never leave children unattended around water no matter how shallow. Keep in mind ear health and hygiene after swimming. Untreated ear infections can lead to severe hearing loss.

Honor those veterans that have fallen this upcoming holiday weekend. Have a wonderful Memorial Day weekend!

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