While hearing aids and personal sound amplifiers can both help people to hear sounds more clearly, they are not the same things.

Personal sound amplifiers are often advertised on TV for people who wish to hear a television show at night without disturbing someone who’s sleeping, or listen to a child playing down the block.

The important distinction is that personal sound amplifiers are not intended to treat or make up for hearing loss. They are intended for non hearing-impaired individuals to use recreationally, which may or may not be clear from the TV advertisements.

Personal electronic sound amplifiers should be used only if the person is sure he or she is not experiencing hearing loss. Your Orlando ENT doctor can help to determine if you’ve sustained any hearing impairment that might be aided by a hearing aid. Substituting a personal sound amplifier for a hearing aid can potentially making the problem worse, as it could prolong treatment of a curable condition.

Some signs of hearing loss include:

  • Straining to hear
  • Not hearing others’ speech well when there is background noise, such as at a restaurant
  • Hearing better from one ear
  • People tell you that you often shout when you believe that you are talking normally

If you suspect you are suffering from hearing impairment, contact Orlando ENT today to setup an appointment for a screening.



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