In our most recent blog, readers learned of easy ways to extend the life of their hearing aids and their batteries. Today, we are continuing this series because we want patients to get the most out of their hearing devices. If you feel like your hearing is not as great as it once was, come in for a hearing test and hearing aid services.

Hearing aid battery tips:

To keep your hearing aid batteries well maintained, follow our easy tips. Always use the oldest package of batteries first. The longer a battery is stored, the shorter its life will be. By using the oldest package of batteries first, your spares will never get too old.

Store any extra hearing aid batteries in a dry room indoors. Extreme temperatures are bad for batteries made for any type of device, and hearing aid batteries are no exception. Avoid leaving batteries in either hot or cold places such as a car or garage.

Make the most of your batteries:

As we mentioned in our last article, humidity is not good for batteries. Never store batteries in a refrigerator or bathroom. Do not remove the plastic tab from each battery pack until you are ready to use it.

The plastic tab keeps the battery fresh while it is being stored. The surface must be preserved to make a good connection inside the device. As soon as the tab is taken off, the battery is activated. It will start to lose its power from then on.

Wash your hands before replacing the batteries. Grease or dirt on your hands can be transferred to the battery. This is bad for the battery’s lifespan as well as the hearing device.

After the plastic tab is removed, let the battery sit for at least five minutes. The zinc in the battery mixed with the air to power it up. Research shows that letting it sit out for five minutes before putting into the hearing aid, the battery’s life can be extended by up to three days.

Leave the battery compartment open when you are not using the device. Store it in a safe, dry, and space with a moderate temperature. You may discuss whether or not you need to use a hearing aid humidifier.

Hearing aid cleaning and adjustments:

Hearing aid cleaning should take place at least once every six months. Cleaning and checking regularly helps prevent wax and debris from building up in the device. If left uncleaned for too long, the device can experience serious problems and decrease the quality of performance.

Hearing aids usually last years, but if you feel like you have been having issues hearing, make an appointment. If they feel uncomfortable, make an appointment for an updated fitting and adjustment.

When you hear well, you feel well, so make an appointment for a hearing aid cleaning today! Join us next week as we share more valuable ENT information.

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