Having hearing aids can be life changing. About seventeen percent of Americans report having difficulty hearing, but less than half of all Americans have had a hearing test in their lifetime. Today, we are sharing the basics of having hearing aids.

Hearing aid care:

Hearing aids contain very sophisticated technology and circuitry in a tiny shell, so it is important to learn how hearing aid care. When a hearing aid is exposed to moisture, it can cause serious damage. Some hearing aids are water resistant.

However, it may be best for you to remove them before swimming or showering. If they do come in contact with water, dry them quickly with a cloth. Do not dry them with a hair dryer or other heated device as the heat may damage them.

Because we live in a humid state, you may want to consider storing your devices in a special hearing aid humidifier. Discuss whether or not your specific devices need this step. Getting the most updated hearing aids can make a world of a difference in terms of their longevity.

Switching out batteries:

Have you ever left batteries in a remote too long and found that the batteries corroded permanently ruining the remote? The same can happen to your hearing devices. If left in too long, batteries can damage hearing aids.

Corrosion is due to trapped moisture where the batteries are stored. Each hearing aid has its own upkeep schedule, so be sure to ask us about what you should be doing to get the longest life out of your hearing devices. Some require the battery door to be open when they are not in use to help avoid corrosion.

Similarly, if the devices are not being used for extended periods of time or even days, it may be best to remove the batteries completely. Remember, our devices include the following within the manufacturer’s warranty:

  • lifetime cleaning
  • adjustments
  • parts
  • supplies

Real ear measures will be conducted as well. If you do not feel confident switching out the batteries on your own, make a call to our office, and we will be happy to do it for you. Cleaning the battery contacts in the devices is important.

If the battery connections do not get cleaned, the connection will be poor resulting in lower performance.

Hearing aid batteries usually keep charge for about a week, depending on a few factors such as:

  • how long the devices are used each day
  • the way you take care of the battery
  • the age of the devices
  • type and size of battery
  • type and size of hearing devices
  • where you go wearing the devices

Join us next week as we continue this series on hearing aid care. Call us immediately if you are having trouble hearing or if your devices are not running as well. We can also discuss getting you fitted with the latest technology if yours are outdated.

One last thing- Happy New Year! Be sure to start your year off with improved hearing.

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