Last time readers dropped in, they learned how to properly care for hearing aids. Today, we will be wrapping up this series and moving onto sharing about the services Orlando Hearing Center offers patients. Contact our office to learn how we will be COVID-19 safe during your next hearing test.

In review:

Last week, we shared how important it is to keep hearing aids in dry, cool places. Humidity and moisture can take a huge toll on the lifespan of hearing devices, just like most other battery-operated devices. The batteries also last much longer being kept out of heat, extreme cold, and moisture.

Taking hearing aids out before swimming and showering is usually required for most hearing devices unless clearly stated by your ENT specialist. We shared that storing extra batteries in dry rooms is vital to getting the full life out of a battery.

If you remember leaving a battery in the car or outdoors, quickly retrieve it. There is not much you can do to salvage a battery once it is damaged by heat or moisture. To avoid damaging your new, unused batteries, leave the plastic tab on each battery.

This keeps the surface fresh and protected from debris. If you take off the plastic tab, the battery may not have an adequate connection inside the hearing aid. Only put new batteries in with clean hands.

Dirt and debris can harshly affect the hearing device. Once your hands are clean, you can remove the tab from the battery. As we mentioned before, allow the battery to rest for at least five minutes before installing it.

That easy trick can allow the battery’s lifespan to be extended by up to three days. Some devices are newer and do not require as much babying, but some devices last longer when the battery compartment is left open while the hearing device is not being used.

Hearing aid cleaning:

As for most things, cleaning is a regular part of maintenance. If you never clean your glasses, how well do you think they will hold up? Not long.

To experience peak performance, hearing aids much be cleaned at least once every four to six months. There are oils, hairs, and wax naturally in healthy ears. Over time, this builds up.

If you were to skip out on just one cleaning, you may jeopardize your hearing aid longevity. Even if the hearing aids are working after skipping a cleaning, they will most likely perform at low performance.

Hearing test:

When a baby is born, they undergo a hearing test. Once a person begins growing, hearing is not usually tested after ten years old or so. After that, a lot of hearing damage can occur.

It is not a usual part of check ups, but it is great to get hearing tested annually. As for any health issue, the earlier it is detected, the more treatment options there are.

Contact our office for a hearing test. Be sure to follow up on our COVID-19 precautions. With Valentine’s Day Coming up, be sure you can hear your loved one clearly across the dinner table! Remember, you do not have to spend a lot to make your partner feel special. Frontline workers especially require a safe date alternative.

There are many ideas out there for you to choose from. One of our favorite Valentine’s dinner ideas can be done in your backyard for under a hundred dollars. Get creative, and Happy Valentine’s Day!

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