While many Americans continue to work from home and homeschool, the challenge of balancing all aspects of life remains. Taking care of yourself may seem more difficult than ever as the hours slip by. Following through with yearly hearing tests may begin to seem daunting, so follow experts tips to master working from home with children during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The work and personal life balancing act:

Finding a balance between work and personal life can prove to be extremely difficult. To help our patients, we decided its time to share some tips to help in this department. Once a work and personal life balance is found, all other aspects of life, such as medical attention, falls into place.

During the heat of the pandemic, many doctors offices closed their doors temporarily. Now that we have proper protocol to keep patients and office staff safe, patients can remain tending to their yearly doctor visits. Along with yearly primary care and dental check ups, annual hearing tests prove to be essential to a majority of the American population.

Prioritizing medical attention:

If you are unsure whether or not you should be getting your hearing tested annually, call our office or read up on the recommendations. As we mention time and time again, getting an annual hearing test can detect early signs of hearing loss. With adequate notice, an ENT may prevent further hearing loss.

Patients may even learn the cause of the hearing loss with enough time to correct it. Some hearing loss is caused by a backup of ear wax. With a quick trip to Orlando ENT Hearing Center, a patients ears can be cleaned out restoring a large amount of hearing potential.

Being productive while working from home:

During this taxing time, many families are forced to work from home while children of all ages demand one-on-one attention during school hours. For some ages, it is more manageable for parents. Teenagers can manage technology and schedule more independently while younger ones require constant supervision and assistance.

As a parent, this is expected, but during this pandemic, parents cannot leave the house to work in a focused environment. Instead, parents must be patient, attentive, and continue to provide quality work performance. Although most local schools and daycares have reopened, some parents that are at-risk or have people in their close circle that are at-risk choose to work from home and homeschool nonetheless.

Check back in next week as we begin sharing helpful tips for working from home, getting into annual checkups, and balancing all aspects of life. Call today to inquire if your medical needs can be met via telehealth, or videocall. Long after the COVID-19 pandemic, our tips will apply to school breaks.

We hope you have a wonderful Valentine’s Day! As always, avoid crowded, noisy areas, abrupt sounds, and places with smoke. You are on your way to preserving your hearing.

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