In our most recent blogs, we shared plenty of ways to protect your ears and stay healthy during quarantine. Feel free to refer back to those articles to refresh your memory, and share them with loved ones. Today, we are sharing how you can prevent hearing loss starting from a young age.

Preventing hearing loss at a young age:

It is most often easier to prevent issues rather than waiting to treat them. Hearing issues are no exception. Think about a cut, isn’t it easier to prevent it rather than treat it.

Even when the cut is treated, there may be lasting scars and effects. The same goes for the ears and hearing loss. Last time readers dropped by our blog, they read up on ways to clean ear buds and other tech which allows people to listen to music discreetly.

Unfortunately, not everyone knows that ear buds that go into the ear can truly leave lifelong negative effects on your hearing. Anytime something is put into the ear, no matter how far in, it can pose serous threats to the future of the ears’ hearing potential.

If you have not year read any past articles, it is always a good time to mention that avoiding anything going into the ear is the safest and easier way of preventing hearing loss. Secondly, avoid secondhand smoke. Next, follow through with regular hearing services at an otolaryngologist such as those at our office in Orlando, FL.

External ear wounds and cuts:

In childhood, there seems to be a new bump, bruise, or scratch due to the balance issues and active lifestyle young children lead. Just watching a child run around and play may leave you at a higher risk of injury. All jokes aside, it is parents’ and caretakers’ responsibility to decrease the danger for children.

In return, hearing will be protected. Cuts and wounds of the external ear area present threats to the future of a child’s hearing. In time, it may only get worse. Due to roughhousing, playing, and tumbling, children may get deep cuts, lacerations, and wounds to the outer ear.

The good news is you may treat these minor wounds at home with a basic first-aid kit. These guidelines apply to people of all ages. However, the focus will mostly remain on children as this is the stage that people most often get casual wounds frequently.

How to treat minor external ear wounds:

Firstly, when a child get hurt no matter how small or large the wound is, remain calm. When a person’s blood pressure is raised, the blood will pump more causing a larger volume of blood loss. Let the child know you can help and let them know you will help their wounds.

Use distractions when needed. Second, asses the damage. If the wound can be treated at home and does not seem to be oozing blood fast, it is likely professional attention is not needed.

Telehealth services are always available when an adult is not able to make the executive decision. Third, the wound or open area must be cleaned with soap and water. Dirt must be removed before slathering on soap.

Run room temperature water over the wounded area for several minutes. Be mindful of this step. Do no allow water to run into the ear- just over it. Skipping the rinsing and cleaning steps can cause scarring or infection.

Always consult your ENT doctor if you have any concerns. Our doctors are more than happy to answer any questions that may save you from losing any amount of hearing. Hearing loss can be prevented with the help of Orlando ENT Hearing Center.

Call today if you are in need of hearing aids or a basic hearing test. Stop by next time to find out what you should do next for external ear wounds.

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