Ear pain can takeover your entire day. Similar to any other pain, ear pain should be mentioned to a doctor. In this case, speak with an experienced Orlando ear doctor at Orlando ENT Hearing Center.

Do not neglect your ENT health:

You may find more than one hearing center that looks sufficient. However, trust an ENT doctor that can give you ongoing care. Start off your journey with a hearing test and regular examination.

After reading our last blog post, make sure to read today’s post, especially if you think you may have a ruptured ear drum. Ear pain should never be self diagnosed. Even if there are signs and symptoms visible form the outside of the ear, there is not telling what exactly is wrong and what treatment is required.

Be sure to treat you ears with plenty of care. Neglecting the necessary healthcare for your ears can drastically effect your hearing as time passes. Pop in for a quick visit to reveal if you have an ear infection, age related hearing loss, or ruptured eardrum.

More on ruptured eardrums:

As previously stated, do not hesitate to visit the doctor if you show any signs of a ruptured eardrum. The middle and inner ears are delicate making them sensitive to injury or disease. Let’s start to discuss the various causes of ruptured eardrums.

We cannot stress enough how important it truly is to seek medical attention from a Orlando ENT doctor. The first cause of a ruptured eardrum shows you exactly why. People that fail to get treated for middle ear infections are at risk for a ruptured eardrum.

The buildup and back up of fluids in the middle ear can actually rupture the eardrum. Next is barotrauma. We have spoken about barotrauma before, but if you do not remember what it is, here is a quick recap.

Barotrauma is when stress is exerted on your eardrum as the air pressure in your middle ear and the pressure of the air in your surrounding environment are out of balance. When the pressure is intense, the eardrum can rupture.

More causes of a ruptured eardrum:

This specific cause of a ruptured eardrum, barotrauma, is most often associated with air travel. Scuba diving is another scenario when the difference in pressure can cause issues. A deployed air bag can also cause a blow to the ear and result in a ruptured eardrum.

Acoustic trauma is yet another cause. On some occasions, a blast or loud sound can cause a tear in the eardrum. Shooting guns, fireworks, or any other overpowering sound wave poses a threat to your hearing.

A hair pin or cotton swab can puncture a hole in the eardrum which makes it extremely important to visit a doctor if you feel you have dirty ears or something inside the ear canal. In extreme cases, a severe injury to the skull may cause a dislocation or damage to the middle or inner ear structures.

Next time you stop by, we are sharing about the role of the eardrum and the treatment for a ruptured eardrum. Be sure to make an appointment at an Orlando ENT doctor at our Orlando ENT Hearing Center. Express any pain you have when making an appointment or explain that it is just a regular hearing exam to maintain your hearing health.

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